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Self Assessment

No description

Katie Hyatt

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Self Assessment

By: Katie Hyatt Self Assessment - learning more
- impacts career
- natural abilities People, Data, Things, Ideas Worksheet Interests? - people : five yes
- things: four yes
- ideas: two yes
-data: two yes -highest: people
-people jobs
-second highest: things
-thing jobs Matching Jobs Attitude? - feeling or thinking
- two groups (positive and negative)
- want a positive attitude Results Attitude Adds Up Worksheet:
- first column: 25 points
- second column: 20 points
- all together: 45/70 points Results? -improve
-positive & negative
-negative spots
-positive Interpreted Jobs:

-people and things Job Implications?
-rid negative
-positive attitude
-huge impact on careers Values ? -important traits
-personal standards
-affect career
-listen to values Responsibility -good decisions
-new skills
-affects others Relationships -flexible
-strong emotion Achievement -shows skills
-experiences and abilities
-photos/models/videos Compassion -golden rule
-right things Courage -stand up
-no fear
-not afraid Values Reading -listen to values
-more values
-career choices Work Values Sorter Top five:
-working conditions Interpretation of Results: -finds the right job
-best with
-important traits Jobs Ideas:
-credit checker Myers Briggs personality?
-ideas My Results -introvert/extrovert: tied

-practical/intuitive: tied

-structured/unstructured: tied

-feeler Results meaning -involving people
-structured and unstructured
-practical and intuitive Careers? Jobs:
-dentist Hollands Hexagon Results:
-investigative Careers? Jobs:
-Naturopathic Physician
-Teacher Career Cluster

-health & science
-hospitality & tourism
-architecture & construction Survey Results top three:
-health and science
-hospitality and tourism
-architecture and construction -best: health & science
-also: architecture & construction Related Careers
-pharmacist- health & science
-interior designer- architecture & construction
-lifeguard- hospitality & tourism Career Information Challenge careers researched:
-dental hygienist
-interior designer 2nd Career Dental Hygienist:

interest pro-filer category: social & realistic
career cluster: health & science 3rd Career Interior Designer:
-interest pro-filer category: artistic & enterprising
-career cluster: architecture & construction Required Education pharmacist:

-degree: doctoral or professional
-beyond high school?: six years
-NC college: Campbell Entrance Requirements Campbell University:

-high school record
-SAT Range: 540
-GPA Requirements? 2.5 or higher
-Class Rank/Percentile: 90% + Dental Hygienist -degree: associate's
-years beyond high school: four
-NC college: UNC Entrance Requirements University of North Carolina
-SAT range: 640
-GPA requirements: 3.0 or higher
-class rank/percentile: 79% + Interior Designer -Degree: bachelor's
-Years beyond high school: four
-NC college: Western Carolina University Entrance Requirements -SAT range: 520
-GPA requirements?3.3 or higher
-Class rank/percentile: couldn't find High School Concentration -concentration: Health & Science
-medical field
-variety of courses 1st Career pharmacist:
-interest pro-filer category: investigative, social, conventional
-career cluster: health and science Courses for Concentration -Health Team relations
-Health Science I
-Health Science II
-Advanced Studies/Pharmacy Tech. Meaning Citations Career Clusters Series. McGraw- Hill, n.d. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.

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