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Sweet Success: The Chocolate Farm

No description

Beth Kimball

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Sweet Success: The Chocolate Farm

By: Beth Kimball Sweet Success:
The Chocolate Farm What happened to the founer of the
buisness? The founder of the buisness, Elise, started out when she was twelve working with her brother Evan, 15, in their parents kitchen. Today, they still work together. Is Elise still involved
with the company? Elise is still involved with the
company. Her and her brother still
work together. Evan is more of the
buisness and finance side while Elise
makes the chocolate. What other things have Elise and Evan done? Evan went into a program for people under 21 that helps them with their buisness skills. Elise has stuck with making the chocolate. Who owns The Chocolate Farm? Technically Evan and Elise's parents do money wise. Their monther said in a newspaper article "It's their business, and we want them to learn, but like any parents, we want to prevent huge mistakes, the pain of which will be more than the lesson." How has the business changed? Evan and Elise's chocolate got so popular that they grew out of the into a warehouse a couple of miles away. They also made a website (WWW.chocolatefarm.com) so that people could descover them, that didn't live near them. Has the company been involved in
any mergers or acquisitions? The company has not been involved in any mergers or acquisitions. What products does the company sell? The company sells recepies, animal molds, and kits showing people how to create their own chocolate-selling company and of course CHOCOLATE! Bibliography http://www.csmonitor.com/2001/0207/p13s1.html

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