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The Medusa Plot

ORR Quarter Project

Shelley Jersey

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Medusa Plot

Presentation by Shelley Jersey Characters Setting Conflict Event #2 Event #3 Event #1 Climax Amy Cahill- In this story the setting is sort of all over the place.First,Amy and Dan are in the high tech comm. center at their family mansion in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Cahills vs Vespers Cahills from around the world are kidnapped at the exact same time: 8:42 Eastern Standard Time. Amy and Dan manage to successfully steal the Medusa from the Uffizi Gallery and give it to Vesper One. However, the Medusa from the Uffizi Gallery turns out to be a fake, angering Vesper One. Now Amy and Dan must find the real Medusa and give it to Vesper One in only 96 hours. If they don't, one of the hostages could end up dead. Angered that Amy and Dan gave him a fake painting, Vesper One has someone shoot Nellie as a warning that Amy and Dan must give him the real painting or someone will die. The Medusa Plot By Gordon Korman An Action-Adventure Book 222 pages Dan Cahill- Vesper One- Amy Cahill is a shy girl that has an inner fierceness discovered after winning the hunt for the 39 clues. Dan Cahill is a fun creative guy who is starting to lose his oldself after learning that the people he loves have been kidnapped. Vesper One is an evil rival of the Cahill family that will stop at nothing to get the 39 clues. 'Vesper.Amy's and Dan's eyes locked. That was the unspoken name behind all Amy's training and preparation. A centuries-old adversary shrouded in mystery. She'd known the Vespers would be coming.'
pg 34 Finally,Amy and Dan travel to Rome and search the dark,dingy tunnels underneath the Roman Colosseum, believing that there is sonething that Vesper One wants hidden in the tunnels. 'You will hear from me upon your arrival in Florence.Have a pleasant journey.'
pg34 When a shadowy group known only as the Vespers begin to kidnap Cahills from around the world, Amy and Dan must complete a number of tasks in order to keep Vesper One happy and keep the seven hostages alive. "'Dan and I will travel to Italy to follow Vesper One's commands. We have no choice.'"
Fiske Cahill
Reagan Holt
Natalie Kabra
Nellie Gomez
Alistair Oh
Ted Starling
Phoenix Wizard 'It was 8:42 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, exactly the same time as the Cahill kidnappings around the world.'
pg19-20 This event foreshadows that one of the hostages will die or that Vesper One won't kill someone but will give Amy and Dan a warning that if they don't recieve the real Medusa, someone will die. 'The painting is a fake. These are the consequences:
Below the message, a short video began to play on the screen. It was the scene from the Vesper holding cell-Nellie's shooting.'
pg100 Because the kidnappings occured at the same time and that the people kidnapped were all Cahills, this foreshadows that maybe an enemy of the Cahill family is trying to get something from the Cahills and is kidnapping the people that everyone loves in an attempt to get what they want. 'If we do not recieve the real "Medusa" in 96 hours, you will be watching the sequel. This one will not have such a happy ending.'
pg111 This event foreshadows that if Amy and Dan do not find the real "Medusa" Nellie or one of the other hostages will die. Amy and Dan successfully steal the real Medusa from Greogor Tobin, the man that stole the Medusa from the Uffizi Gallery. The painting is given to Vesper One after a trapeze artist working for the Vespers take the painting from Amy during the Circo Di Milano. 'After creating three Janus fakes in order to get their hands on the Uffizi piece that itself turned out to be a fake, surely this had to be the real thing-one that would satisfy Vesper enough to release the hostages.
Dan snatched the sheild off the wall, and the two managed to cram it into Amy's large knapsack.'
pg132-133 Amy and Dan manage to find the real Medusa and give it to Vesper One, but the hostages are not released and Amy and Dan must go to Lucrene, Switzerland and complete a seond taskof stealing a map that has been lost for centuries to get Vesper One to release the hostages. Resolution 'Package recieved. You are too kind.'
pg 218 'They will remain our guests until you complete a few more tasks. The first of these will be in Lucrene, Switzerland.'
pg 219 Amy Cahill Dan Cahill Vesper One Next, Amy and Dan travel to Florence, Italy, a city that was very wealthy at one time and is famous for its history and houses the famous Uffizi Gallery. Uffzi Gallery VS. CAHILLS VESPERS . . . de Vigra World Map Fake Medusa
Angry Vesper One
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