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isearch -.-

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me -

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of isearch -.-

Taekwondo I-Search By: IsabelRenee Gonzaga Start of Taekwondo Started 1,600 years ago in Korea 1910 ~ Japanese took control over Korea, and banned Taekwondo Spread of Taekwondo hi there! From 1950s, now practiced all over the world Taekwondo Started in Korea U.S. soldiers in Korea learned TKD as part of their training Over 70,000,000 people around the world practice TKD Tae: foot
Kwon: Fist
Do: way
*The way of the foot and fist* Demonstrated in Olympics in 1988.
Became Olympic sport in 2000 ITF Founded on March 22, 1966 Focuses more on self-defense WTF Established in South Korea on May 28, 1973 Focuses on discipline and fighting skills Organizes tournaments Sport in the Olympics Sparring Must wear padding; chest, forearm, shin and in-step guard. Allowed to punch and kick. (Kicks only to body and head.) Fighter with most points win. ^^Or if you knock out your opponent. Tournaments hi there Consists of Forms and Sparring Judges, referees, coaches Must wear uniform Divided into age and gender Usually lasts almost half a day Tournament ring Trophies Medals 감사합니다 Choi Hong Hi To ITF, is the founder of TKD WTF says that he wasn't Was a 9th degree black belt in TKD hi there! Combined the names Taekkyeon and Karate Taekwondo Published the first English Taekwondo book Born- November 9, 1918
Died- June 15, 2002 (age 83) hi Questions?? 1945 ~ Korea broke free of Japanese rule
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