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The Fosters

No description

brie kopacz

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Fosters

The Fosters is a show about a family who accepts everyone for who they are. They live in San Diego, California. The mothers are Lena Adams and Stef Foster who raise three children. Stef has a son, Brandon, with her ex-husband and current police partner Mike. Lena and Stef adopted two other children Mariana and Jesus when they were about five years old, to prevent them from entering the foster system. Years later Lena and Stef agree to take in another foster child Callie, who has just been released from Juvenile Detention. Soon after they take her in they learn that she has a younger brother, Jude, who they also bring into their home. Currently in the season, Callie ran away and is living in a group home and Jude was left with the family.
Stef Foster
She is the birth mother of Brandon.

She is a police officer and was shot by her child's birth mothers boyfriend.

Her father has a problem with who she is and her wife.

Does not want Callie or Jude back in the foster system.
Brandon Foster
Lena Adams
Mariana Foster
Jesus Foster

She is the vice principal of the local charter school her children attend.

Married to Stef Foster.

Agrees to bring Callie into her home temporarily.
Biological son of Stef foster.

He is an amazing piano player who was taking classes with a highly recommended piano teacher.

Brandon has recently admitted he is in love with Callie.

Currently, he has a restraining order so he cannot go near Callie.
Twin sister to Jesus Foster.

Adopted when she was about five.

She was talking to her birth mother who was in trouble and was not able to take proper care of her children.

Her birth mother tricked her to give her money and her she said how they can be a proper family if she gets better.
Twin brother of Mariana Foster.

Adopted at age five.

He has ADHD.

Currently on the wrestling team.

At first he does not want anything to do with his birth mother but tries to help her out and realizes it was a mistake.

He is protective over his family, especially Mariana.

Recently got out of
Juvenile Detention.

Her mother died when she
was young and her father
was put in jail for

Cares for her brother Jude.

Has many problems with the law.

She has a relationship with Brandon when
she kissed him at Stef and Lena's wedding.
Brother of Callie.

Callie went to go save Jude when he was staying with his abusive foster father.

Has only one good guy friend which he is currently showing a interest in.

Innocent boy who wants the best for everyone.
Famous Quote:
DNA doesn't make a family, love does.

Mike Foster

Father of Brandon.

Had trouble during the divorce.

Started drinking heavily during the divorce and is currently struggling with alcohol.

Killed Jesus and Marianas birth mothers boyfriend. He shot him after he saw Stef was on the ground and shot.

Paying for Brandon's piano lessons and is having trouble with money.
Ex- husband of Stef Foster.
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