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1999 film of Animal Farm vs. The book Animal Farm.

No description

Anne McKenzie

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of 1999 film of Animal Farm vs. The book Animal Farm.

Similarities 1999 Film of Animal Farm vs. The Book Animal Farm. Mr. Jones is drunk and treats the animals bad. Old Major gives a speech about a dream about rebellion. Rebellion starts and Mr. Jones and his workers get kicked off the farm. The 7 commandments are written. All animals take care of the farm except for the pigs. The flag of freedom, holf and horn. Humans invade and the battle of Cowshed begans. Boxer kicks someone in the head. Animals claim victory. Snowball wants the windmill and Napoleon doesn't. The dogs chase Snowball off the farm. Napoleon takes over. Pigs star acting like humans. Squealer alters the commandments. Napoleon and Squealer think they are dying because they are hungover. Boxer becomes sick so they send him to the slaughter house. Changes the farms name to Manor Farm. Differneces. Movie Book Beast of the world Slept with Wilkingtons wife. Old Major was shot. The animals run away. Beast of England. Didn't sleep with Wilkingtons wife. Died of old age. Animals stay. The End

By: Meredith McKenzie
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