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the energy in soccer

No description

Daijah Morris

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of the energy in soccer

Soccer Has Both Since well Mechanical How?? Potential and Kinetic energy that means it has Mechanical Energy. examples in soccer an example of conduction is when a player gets hurt, they ice their wound to help it feel better its a lot harder to find convection in anything, especially soccer. in other words I couldn't find an example soccer specfic. But convection happens natrually where hot air is rising and cold air is falling, like in a house. sometimes when playing soccer it can get really hot, that's because you are feeling the radiation from the sun above. Radiation is a form of heat transfer, and heat is when thermal energy is transferred. that's one way how Thermal/Heat energy is in soccer thermal energy is the energy of moving particles; the energy responsible for causing changes in temperature the end The ability to do work or cause change Energy what we learned...
renewable energy
non-renewable energy
kinetic energy
potential energy
elastic energy
electromagnetic energy
mechanical energy
thermal energy
light energy
sound energy
chemical energy
nuclear energy energy specific to soccer sound
kinetic the definition of sound energy is... the energy of vibrating materials as dictated by human ears Sound energy in soccer is every where, one example is when you kick the ball Kinetic potential Thermal/Heat Energy sound energy The Energy In Soccer By: Daijah Morris
electrical energy
transform mechanical when some when kicks the ball really hard, even sometimes when they pass the ball you can here a very low pitched sound of the cleat and ball connecting. That is sound energy because the sound is traveling through vibrating materials through the air and is being detected by your human ear. This is conduction
because heat form
the hot pack, is
being transferred
through touch of
the leg. That's
exactly what
conduction is heat
transfer through
touch. Potential Energy is the energy which an object has because of its position. It is called potential energy because it has the potential to be converted into other forms of energy, such as kinetic energy. In soccer potential energy is all over my favorite example is when a goalie goes to catch a ball. Ever seen them jump in the air to catch that one ball that could save the game. This is potential energy because his body is up in the air, which causes him to have potential energy Kinetic Energy Also like potential energy, kinetic energy is all over. Especially in soccer, like when the players are running. They have potential energy because they are in motion. is the energy an object possesses due to its motion. = +
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