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Emo Tribe

Analysis of the Emo tribe and a product re-designed to be targeted at this market. Barbie And ken

Mikaela Gallo

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Emo Tribe

The Emo
Omar, Mitch and Mikaela
Analysis of Profile
Emo music preference can be generalized into following genres:
Social life
Hardcore punk
Originated 1980s USA
Nocturnal behaviour
Exclusivity, cult like
Anti-social behaviour
Macro-Environmental Factors
"a style of rock music resembling punk but having
more complex arrangements and lyrics that deal with
more emotional subjects."
- Oxford Dictionary 2012
Seen as a factor in Emo lifestyle
Term Suicide used throughout lyrics and clothing
Negative connotations throughout media
Self Harm
Age group: 10-21 year old

Location: Most suburban areas

End consumer: Majority female
Demographic Forces
Limited edition Barbie Doll cost higher than regular Doll.

Economic downturn= dependent on child's desire for product

Nagging child= Get what they want some of the time
Economic Forces
Recycled plastic
Natural Forces
Air time on television during childrens programs

Interactive advertisement through social media, including Barbie Website

Product advertisement through catalogue
Technological Forces
Influence from music and lyrics

Fashion influence from emo tribe, conventional outfits

Attitude conception

Allow a positive reinforcement of the idea of Emo, not negative depiction
Cultural Forces
Must fit Australian product standards and regulations

Flame Retardent

Non-offensive to race

Does not condone self harm or suicide
Political Forces
Marketing Strategy
Unique- one subcategory of
Barbie range
Quality- maintain caliber of
Mattel products
Design- Low differentiation from existing Barbie Range
Listing- $39.99 ( .99
perception of cheaper price)

New to market, introductory price

Sale discount will be generated
after being in the toy market
and assuming competition
Re-sellers must offer commodities
on product launch

Appropriate Emo Music
e.g. Jimmy Eat World, My Chemical Romance

Product launch at a time appropriate for target market, 7-9 pm for younger consumer
Target, Toys R Us, K-mart, Big-w

To be displayed in the Barbie section of the Toys department, at Front end of Aisles to draw attention

Draw awareness to the product with display at entrance

July Toy sales throughout all department stores
Placement Logistics
Resellers to dress in Emo Attire

Reseller and consumer relationship are to be built for future product sale.

Friendly/ Helpful customer service.
Large, study box

Strong quality, especially for limited collectors edition

Colour scheme must fit product outlay

Image resolution must be high
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