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No description

Cyrus Hunter

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Netjets

The only choice for those who choose the best NetJets Private Jet Ownership Reduce - The cost of using a private jet 1964 - Executive Jet Airways is founded
by General O.F. Dick Lassiter The Beginning 1965 - Changed name to Executive Jet Aviation 1986 - NetJets fractional aircraft ownership concept presented 1987 - NetJets takes off What is NetJets? NetJets - Fractional aircraft ownership What? Starting at $375,000 (plus pilot, maintenance, and other monthly costs), owners can purchase a 1/16th share in a $6 million aircraft Why? convenience and speed of a private jet low fixed cost and the low variable cost of commercial airline travel NetJets Combines with The Ocean Commercial Airlines High Cost Low travel time Low Cost High Travel time NetJets Eliminate - The need to purchase and maintain your own private jet E.R.R.C. Raise - The quality of affordable air travel Create - A working system for the co-ownership of private jets NetJets First Class Commercial
Flights 50 Flights $19,400 $505,000 $970,000 $10,100 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Newark to Austin
for 4 $505,000
+$375,000 $880,000 $970,000 Total after
50 flights
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