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Karl Marx

No description

Sarah F

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of Karl Marx

Karl Marx
By: Bryanna Gordon, Sean Panas, Sarah Fee, and Richard Todd
His Personality
What Was His Role in the Russian Revolution?
Karl Marx was a communist. He had to be a hard working guy in order to accomplish what he wanted. His idea of communism influenced people such as Vladimir Lenin
-Richard Todd
Karl Marx was a philosopher who inspired the Russian Revolution with his philosophy of Marxism. Marx disliked that the proletarian class worked hard for little pay while the bourgeoise class such as property owners worked less for a much greater salary. Karl Marx wanted communism where everyone could be an equal economic class. This idea influenced many people especially the proletarians. Even though, Karl Marx had great ideas, he died before they could come to realistic action, resulting in Lenin taking over.
-Bryanna Gordon

Important Actions
Karl Marx helped develop, and build theories for capitalism, socialism, and historical change. His works inspired many communists in the 20th century, and he also inspired many parts of the Russian Revolution. His goal was to help promote justice and equality for the lower. With the help of Lenin, he was able to make industrial workers capable of pushing through a strong revolution. He was the founder of communism and the conflict theory.
-Sarah Fee
Locates the origin of social power in the ownership or control of the forces of production.
Developed and built theories of capitalism, socialism and social change
Joined the communist league and stimulated its growth in Brussels
An economist, history in philosopher, and a journalist
Joined “League of the Just”
Caused a new communist movement
Believed that proletarians are not treated as fairly as middle class
By: Sean Panas

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Richard Todd
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