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Retention Strategies: New Faculty

No description

Kesa Jessup

on 21 January 2018

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Transcript of Retention Strategies: New Faculty

Supporting Our Students: FLC
January Session

How do we define student success?
Pass Rate
The percentage of students earning a semester grade of a "C" or better, P (developmental courses).
Around 70% overall
Continuous Short term enrollment (fall to spring or spring to fall)
Around 60-75% each term
Continuous Long term enrollment (fall to fall)
Hovers around 58%
Concerning Student Behaviors
No Shows
Students who are registered for classes but never attend a class session or log into Blackboard before the Census date.

Stop Outs
Students who are not continuously enrolled

When a student completely withdraws for the institution and doesn't return.
Stop Outs Are Not Drop Outs
Florida State study found that of the 38,000 community college students in Texas during the 2000 AY 94% stopped out at least once in their academic careers.
Of the students earning a credential 74% stopped out only once.
Grit Video

Life Happens
Financial Issues
First Generation
Immigration Status
Academic Preparation
Disconnection with Campus
Inability to Transition to Student Role
Undecided Program/Career Aspiration

Student Mental Mindset
Schommer-Aikins & Easter (2006) have identified four unrealistic beliefs students may hold which contribute to poor academic behaviors and outcomes.
Learning happens quickly!
Knowledge is composed of isolated facts.
Being "good" in a particular subject is a matter of innate abilities rather than hard work.
I'm a great multitasker!!!
Provide specific guidance on how to prepare (study)
Provide timely, specific, and authentic feedback to students
Build relationships with students early on in the semester
Create authentic assignments and assessments to prepare students for the workplace!
Mimic real life situations
Aligns with transferable outcomes
Utilize RUBRICS to diminish student anxiety & confusion
Peer assignments & feedback
Self assessments (reflections)
Give students options for assessments if possible
Portfolios (course/program)
Kicking Off Fall 2017
Please share your ideas for the first day of class or the first week (online classes)
Scavenger Hunts
Personality Assessments
Aside from technical knowledge which skills and abilities should Forsyth Tech graduates embody to be successful in your field ? Think/pair/share. Let's take about 10 minutes and discuss it.

Astin (1984) - Student Involvement Theory
Tinto's Theory of Student Departure
Padilla's Conceptualization of Expertise (1999)

Campuses are full of barriers for students.
Students are experts in their own success
Bean & Eaton (1999)
Students decide to which level they belong based on interactions with faculty, staff, and administration
Faculty Focus Newsletter
Faculty Learning Communities

Long Term Success Measures
Graduation Rate - 12% (150%)
Full-time, first-time students
Transfer Rates - 32% (CTA Fall 2015 Cohort)
Successfully transfer to a 4 year institution with or without an associates degree
Job Placement ???
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