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How Social Media Affects Teens?

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destiny jennings

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of How Social Media Affects Teens?

Social Media is defined as tools
that allow people to create, share
or exchange information,
ideas, and pictures/videos
in virtual communities and

What is Social Media?




4. Social Media changes the way teens see themselves and others

Social Media sites make teens think less of themselves. They see "the Popular" people and they try to change themselves to be like the people they see on social media. In a way Social Media is making people conform to the ideas, the looks , and the actions of others. As a result, we are loosing the uniqueness of individuals.
Teens also think less of people who don't fit the "look" that is popular at the time.
Effects of Social Media
1. Social Media is Addictive

Studies show that teens use social media on average of 7 hours a day. That may seem like a lot but just think of the amount of times you pick up your phone to use one of the many social media sites. Then when you multiply that number by the time you spend logged in each time. You do the math.
Teens used social media as a relief from boredom and as a distraction from many day to day problems.
Effects of Social Media
The Effects of Social Media on Teens
Destiny Jennings Richard Jackson
Jharen Poole

2. Social Media makes us compare our lives with others

Whenever you look on another persons page. you are unknowingly comparing your life to theirs. But posts on social media often present an idealized version of whats actually happening. The extravagant lives of others that we see makes us think less of our own lives. When in all reality they likely face the same challenges as we do.
Effects of Social Media
Effects of Social Media
3. Cyber-bullying

There are so many altercations and fights that start with Social Media. We have all seen it in some way, shape, or form. Social Media not only causes mental pain, but also physical and emotional pain as well.
Enough is Enough, an organization that aims for internet safety, conducted a survey and found that 95% of teens have witnessed cyber-bullying, and 33% have been victims themselves.
Which Picture would you like on Instagram?
Effects of Social Media
5. Social Media makes teens check out of life
Social media is so addictive that teens loose track of the reality around them. They are "so plugged in" that they often stop paying attention in school and stop doing their homework. This leads to failing grades in school. Social media takes away from he education that teens need to be successful in life. Is sending a tweet, or making a post worth it. #NOITSNOT
Solution Options # 1
Teen Intervention session:

For our first solution we tried to talking to teens about their addiction to social media.

But for an intervention to work, you have to first get your audience to recognize they have a problem.

All the teens that we interviewed said that they didn't feel like social media had any effect on them. Social media has teens so brained washed that they don't even see it. And lets face it teens would be so bored by a lecture they would just be on their phones the whole time.

Solution Options # 1
Solution Options # 2
Try to get teens to stay off of social media:

When we were thinking about how we could remove the effects of social media of teens, we figured why not just remove the source. I mean when you think about it, it is the simplest solution. To remove a problem remove the source of the problem, social media.
Without knowing it, Mr. Mitchel tested out solution for us. Remember the day where he took up all our phones for part of the class. He took away the source of our problem. And we all know how that went. Everyone in this room felt the same way, lost without our phones and lost from social media. We bared though it of course, but as soon as we got our phones back, we were back connected to the problem. Proving that even if taken away for a while, teens will always got back to Social Media.
Solution Options # 2
Solution Options # 3
Solution Options # 3
Get parents involved:

Whether teens want to admit it or not our Parents have a huge effect on us. To fix the problems social media creates, we figured out that getting parents involved is essential.
If parents told their child and taught their child at a young age that they are perfect just the way they are constantly, it wouldn't matter what social media or anyone else said. That child would grow to believe in themselves. And social media wouldn't have such an significant effect on them.
Parents can also get their child more involved with school activities. The busier teens are with things like sports and clubs the less time they have for social media. And they are more "plugged in" to their life than they are to other peoples lives.
Why we choose this Solution
We choose solution three because it had the biggest impact on the lives of teens. We observed the teens on this campus for weeks, and saw that the teens that were more involved with school activities were more confident in themselves, and were not nearly as attached to social media. And we attributed that to their parents encouraging them and being more involves in their lives.



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