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Hello Mr Obama

No description

Jeinid Vega

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Hello Mr Obama

Hello Mr Obama

I am writing you today to inform you on some opinions i have crossed over. I feel that all rights aren't all absolute because certain situations may pop up. For example at school you don't completly have a freedom of speech because you can't just say whatever you please to the teacher because you have limitations. The constitution safe guards and limits individual rights because they want to protect its peoples rights. everyone gets equal protection.

A major problem we have been having with your agency is that all citizens were denied the right to bring LEGALLY owned firearms to storm shelters. Which correct me if im wrong it violates the 2nd amendment. Many people complained because it was a public shelter not a private one . I feel they shoud have had the right to carry it with them because it being a public shelter you may never know who the person may come across and may have to use the firearm not only for his saftey but for his family. I knoww that you have body guards carrying firearms at all times and locations to protect yourself why not pas it on to us.
Another major problem was your agency forcing our residence to lave their homes which is a violation os the 4th amendment. Residence have a rightto leave or not. They may feel that just being in their homes is the safest place even if a flood is comming their way. It is still their decision and it doesn't seem "right" for people to get forced out of a a comfort zone for the resident.
Alright Mr. Obama I think you get my point. I feel like you should address these situations pronto it's just the right thing to do. I am sorry if i took some time out of your day but this is very important .!

Sincerely from a worried citizen,
Jeinid Vega
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