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Jane Eyre

Lena Zeebuyth

Lena Zeebuyth

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre Personality When you first meet him, he's rather commanding...and blunt to a fault. Likes and Dislikes of Mr. Rochester Likes Mr Rochester By: Lena Zeebuyth Thornfield's Own Before we start...
there are things you need to know... Setting of Jane Eyre: Victorian Era--This is a key aspect of the novel Marsh End and Moor House Thornfield Reed Residence Lowood About
Lowood... Jane Eyre spent part of her childhood and working life here before leaving to work at Thornfield. The girls were treated poorly. The enivronment was unhealthy for the residents. Now, you shall be introduced to the lovely place that is called Thornfield... Unfortunately, it gets burned down at the end of the novel. Residents Include: Mr. Roshester, Adele Varens, Mrs. Fairfax, Bertha Mason Jane Eyre worked here as a governess. Mood in Jane Eyre Weather: Point of View: The weather in Jane Eyre is an important component of mood in Jane Eyre. One example of the use of weather for mood is that when Jane is in Lowood, the bitter cold and cilling winds help add to the sad, dull environment. The weather can really get your emotions involved in the reading of the novel. The first person point of view really allows the reader to see into the feelings of our heroine, Jane Eyre, throughout the novel. Her sadness in the book really reaches you when you know her every thought an emotion thoughout her journey. Now for our feature presentation... Pysical Appearance long limbs olive skin dark eyes bushy eyebrows However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You find out he's secretive... and sly... Nevertheless, he is a loving person. Dislikes Mr. Rochester is a commanding type of person, and therefore he likes things done when he tells people to do them, if not five minutes before. He also likes (loves in fact) Jane Eyre. He finds her a beautiful person. He dislikes not having people follow "orders" that he has given, even if they were given as more requests than commands. He is not particularly fond of St. John Rivers for a time, as he thought that John had stolen away his precious Jane. Mr Rochester is an antagonist. He causes Jane much conflict in that he makes her jealous, causing her to feel sad that he had chosen somebody else. When he had proposed to her, she did not know that Mr. Rochester was already married to another woman. This causes Jane to leave for a time; she is upset that Mr. Rochester would do such a thing to her. D Y N A M I C Mr. Rochester is a character in this novel. He goes from a rich, proud, "whole" man in the beginning into a poor humble, depressed, "broken" man. Works Cited Page Images: Google Images Bronte, Charlotte. "Jane Eyre." New York: Penguin Group, 1982. Print Image 1: "Mr. Rochester" Image 2: "Victorian Era" Image 3: "Thornfield" Jane Eyre film trailer: http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/video/2011/jun/03/jane-eyre-mia-wasikowska-michael-fassbender http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/video/2011/jun/03/jane-eyre-mia-wasikowska-michael-fassbender
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