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Sport-specific Performance Enhancement: Soccer

No description

Nick Skrip

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Sport-specific Performance Enhancement: Soccer

Planes of the body, Movements, and Biomechanics
- Planes of the body and movements: Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse

- Biomechanics
- Example: Shooting
- Other biomechanics/ movements

Sport Performance Factors
Sport-specific Performance Enhancement: Soccer
- Sport played/popular throughout the world
- 90 minute
- 11 v 11
- Goals
- World of Soccer today
- Sport Performance Enhancement
Sport Performance Factor Involvement:
- Strength:
- Speed:
- Quickness:
- Agility:
- Endurance:
- Coordination:
- Core:
- Cardiovascular:
- Power:
- Flexibility:

- "Specificity of Acceleration, Maximum Speed, and Agility in Professional Soccer Players" (Little & Williams)
Sport Performance Factors --> Success
- "Strong Correlation of the Maximal Squat Strength with Sprint Performance and Vertical Jump Height in Elite Soccer Players" (Wisløff, Castagna, Helgerud, Jones & Hoff)
- "Influence of Exercise on Skill Proficiency in Soccer" (Kingsley & Russel)
Periodization: Training rundown
- Lewis Men's Soccer: Spring Season
- Broad: 5 day team training, individuals 2x a week
- Narrow: Individual days
Sport-Specific Drills/Tests
- "Effects of a Periodized Small-Sided Game Training Intervention on Physical Performance in Elite Professional Soccer" (Owen, Wong, Paul & Dellal)

- Individually Focused
- Technique Focused
- Unit Focused
- Team Training
- Simulations
Test Examples:
- Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test
- "Cooper Test"
- 3/5 mile timed
- 40 yard dash
Further Training/Technique Training
- Kicking Technique Training Example
- Defending Technique Training Example
- Other techniques
Other Sport Performance Factors:
- Nutrition
- Sport Psychology
- Injuries
Current Research Example:
- "Prevention of Non-Contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Soccer Players. Part 2: A Reveal of Prevention Programs Aimed to Modify Risk Factors and to Reduce Injury" (Alentorn-Geli,Myer,Silvers,Samitier,Romero,Lázaro-Haro& Cugat)
- Technique Modifications
- Factors
- Stretching
- Plyometric Training
- Muscle Ratios
- Trunk/Core
- Combos
References: Articles/Journals
By: Nick Skrip
Little, T., & Williams, A. G. (2005). Specificity of acceleration, maximum speed, and agility in professional soccer players. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 19(1), 76-78.
Wisløff, U., Castagna, C., Helgerud, J., Jones, R., & Hoff, J. (2004). Strong correlation of maximal squat strength with sprint performance and vertical jump height in elite soccer players. British journal of sports medicine, 38(3), 285-288.
Alentorn-Geli, E., Myer, G. D., Silvers, H. J., Samitier, G., Romero, D., Lázaro-Haro, C., & Cugat, R. (2009). Prevention of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in soccer players. Part 2: a review of prevention programs aimed to modify risk factors and to reduce injury rates. Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy, 17(8), 859-879.
Owen, A. L., Wong, D. P., Paul, D., & Dellal, A. (2012). Effects of a periodized small-sided game training intervention on physical performance in elite professional soccer. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 26(10), 2748-2754.
Lees, A. (2012). Biomechanics applied to soccer skills. Science and Soccer: Developing Elite Performers.
Russell, M., & Kingsley, M. (2011). Influence of exercise on skill proficiency in soccer. Sports Medicine, 41(7), 523-539.
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