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Why do we buy? As if we knew

Some marketing Basics (AIDA, 4 Ps etc)

Henrik Blomgren

on 13 April 2018

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Transcript of Why do we buy? As if we knew

Attention: Good, Bad, Intended attention...
Interest: In what sense?
Desire: What is that?
Action: What action?
All to be said?
Explain this...
Why do we buy?
Best understanding = Gold!...

AIDA what?
4 Ps what?
We did ask.
They did answer:
Had a
- Price good
- Nice Product
- They showed me when I was interested

An answer not to be questioned?
How come some people buy Hollister?
Who are the best ones to put names on why some like Hollister?
A mystery...
Psychology on individual level
Aggregates of people in different context and corporate need on other lever
AIDA and 4Ps most commonly used models
And they do have a point

But notice: In some sence these models do fit on different

between psychology and Economics
Product: Ex. Is education the product?
Place: Where to be seen?
Price: Cost + Profit or Price - Profit
Promotion: How often? What kind?
Emotional vs Rational Models?
- Before hand or afterwards?
- Why do we have emotions?
- Is Emotional buying Rational?
- Is Rational buying Emotional?
Does Facebook-Add system work?
Mail and Push-notifications always a good thing even if it cost us nothing?
- Good mailing vs Bad mailing
- Good Pushing vs Bad pushing
- CONTENT matters
AIDA & 4 Ps = From Us-to-Them
- Pushing vs Pulling
- Social media can be different
- Social Media = From Everyone-to-Everyone
- Why it is exploding and spreading to B2B?
- Social Community Manager increase like a rocket
- Pushing versus Participating: A big difference!
- On the other hand: What does Trump do on Twitter?


4P and AIDA seem rather one-way
Then assume this instead:


One Way
Will some
models die?
Other possible models:
- Spoken Need vs Unspoken Wish
- Fun, Gain, Pain for my iPhone
- Herzbergs levels for us all
This one?
- Explanations include models
- Everyday: we model...
- Models try capturing "real life".
- Most common: AIDA and 4 Ps

For Hollister?
How about
an experiment?
When and how and for what purpose
was AIDA and 4P
Be aware of the models

- Content
- Characterics
- Circumstances

Become able to choose correctly
Still one-way...
But Why-How-What is not that rational, more emotional (in that way similar to AIDA, oneway, rational...in in some way also a process, just another kind of process)
Adding to how to learn models:
- Turn and twist
- Compare to reality and each other
Stressing and kicking a model is a
great way to learn how it works.
Does Hollister fit in here?
Or: Lets twist some models and
see if we can learn them better that way...

The story of mobile marketing 1000 years ago

Why do so many people love the Sinek-model today?
Because we live on higher level on the "Mintzberg-pyramid?)
...Model differences:
- LEVEL (psychology vs Economics vs "Management")
...Model differences:
- A major ball-breaker called :
- Another ball-breaker: ONE-WAY OR NOT
Does LinkedIn work?
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