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Unit Description

No description

Lauren Royer

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Unit Description

Unit Description
I redesigned my job-skills unit that I teach in my Senior Instructional English class. The unit sought to help these students build their knowledge on the careers that meet their strengths, needs and interests. Students learned how to utilize technology as a means to research careers, as well as to share information with their classmates.
Most Rewarding Part
The most rewarding part was the researching. I loved watching the students actively engaged in planning for their post-secondary goals.

Listening to their feedback and hearing them say things like, " I never realized...," or "Woah, I'm not sure this career is for me..." was nothing short of awesome.

I had ideas of how this unit would go, but I never realized the students would buy in to the unit, as a whole, as much as they did.
Assignment Examples
Final Thoughts
In general, this unit went very well. The students were genuinely interested in the activity. They also responded well to having the opportunity to utilize IMovie since many of them had not used this tool before.

The only set back was the voice over area of the project, however, the students overcame their initial apprehensions and completed this portion of the project.

Overall, a success and definitely a
project I'd do again!
I think the most frustrating part of the unit was the voice over part. For this project, I had the students virtually present their projects. So they recordered their voice onto their IMovie presentation. Then, they shared these IMovies with their classmates.

It was frustrating because I hadn't taken into account that the students may be uncomfortable doing this. This portion of the activity brought some push back from the students. They all completed it, but I wish I would've thought about this prior to starting.
Lauren Royer- it 481
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