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The History of Masks

A brief presentation about masks and how they were used in different world cultures.

Himani Vommi

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of The History of Masks

Masks and World Culture
Many people also used them as a way of passing on history and stories.
The mask designs were based on the culture of the people
who live there or the nature surrounding them.
World Map
If you saw someone wearing a mask, how would you react?
What is a mask used for?
Masks were used differently throughout the world.
Mask from the Brunka tribe in Costa Rica
used masks in an annual ceremony that honored the dead.
In some cultures, a masked member of a secret society was said to able to drive away disease demons.
The most famous group was called the "False Face Society" from the Iroquois Indians
Used masks with
general face features
Mask used to guide spirit to final resting
place in the body.
made of cloth
covered in stucco or plaster,
later painted over.
Silver and gold were used
for important people.
How are masks being used today?
In some cultures, a mask made a person who they were. Why would someone consider masks really important?
Why do you think some masks more famous than others?
used in carnivals
Death Masks
Ancient Roman burials-
a mask resembling the deceased
often placed over his/her face
was worn by an actor hired to accompany the funeral procession to the burial site.

technique revived in the making of portrait masks for the royalty and nobility
Middle Ages to 18th century
Use wax or plaster to make copies
soon masks spread throughout the entire continent
Lots of other places used gold for the masks
important people in their society, like...
Southeastern Asia
modeled over the features of the face and cast in wax.
In cultures where burial customs
are important, masks have been
used in ceremonies regarding
death or departing spirits.
Theatrical Masks
Masks have been used all over the
world for theatrical purposes.
first used for drama in Ancient Greece
religious practices
worshiping Dionysus-fertility and harvest
Middle Ages-12th to 16th century
Used in mystery plays

Also used for parts of Old and New Testaments
Masks were used to bring evil beasts and ideas to stage life, such as:
personifications of the seven deadly sins
theatrical phenomenon
Japanese Theatrical Mask
Masks were used by
traveling actors
people at costume balls
allowed people of higher class
to socialize with people of lower class
more freely
Typical Masquerade Mask
What kind of mask could the one I made be?
Some other uses for masks around the world:
Safeguard from Calamities-prevent bad things from happening
Thanks for Watching!!!
Fertility masks-used for good crops
Different kinds-clouds, rain, sun, Mother Earth, and many others
Hunting masks-used for disguise and to house the spirit of the killed animal
Initiation to becoming a man-used for presenting a teenager as an official adult
Sacred drama acts-Example "Dance of the Red Tiger Devil" to get rid of demons
Amusement- :) (Halloween costumes or masquerades)
painted masks decorated with feathers and grasses
In the original novel, the Phantom wears a full black domino mask
In the movie, the mask covered up to the mouth.
A cloth was used to cover the rest of it

Interesting Fact: What kind of mask did the Phantom wear???
A mask is an object that covers the face
for protection, disguise, entertainment, or
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