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CellCast Mobile Workforce Engagement

Overview of CellCast Platform

Martin Brown

on 10 July 2011

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Transcript of CellCast Mobile Workforce Engagement

OnPoint Digital CellCast
Mobile Workforce Engagement Challenges Access business critical information anywhere/anytime

Overcome reliance on office for key training/communication initiatives

Keep workforce engaged/aligned to the strategic objectives of organisation

Physical/emotional attachment to office for peer-to-peer collaboration

Unproductive “down time” due to commutes, schedules, delays

GFC Impact - “Do more with less” The CellCast Solution Create Deploy Measure Manage Users
Manage Content
Social Networks
Social Media Scope of Services Learning Tools Mobile Web
Video Standard Mobile Features SMS
Voice End User Generated Content Take a Photo
Shoot Video
Record Audio
Use existing media store Social Networking Syndicated Content (RSS)
Knowledge Forums
Twitter Integration How Can I Use CellCast? Compliance Induction
Policy/Regulation Updates
OHS Alerts Sales & Service Product Updates
Competitive Information
Mentoring/Communities of Practice Corporate comms Executive Broadcasts
Campaign/Marketing Blasts
B2B/B2C Engagement Benefits of CellCast Training ROI According to recent surveys, sales people forget 85% of content and skills within four weeks of training. Optimise training spend by improving information retention of key learning events through CellCast delivered reinforcement training Workforce Productivity 15 and 2 = $$$ Workforce Engagement 20% OnPoint Digital CellCast Enterprise Mobile Learning/Comms Solution
Extensive IP Security
Support for 15+ types of media content
Assess, Survey and Poll capability
Multi Device OS Support
Social Networking Integration
End User Generated Content Capture
Customised UX
Gamification Features Martin Brown
GM Asia Pacific Empower your mobile workforce to get engaged and stay informed and accelerate organisational productivity and engagement in the process! Over 30% of Global Workforce
will be mobile by 2011
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