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Copy of Portfolio Project GAVS

No description

Sabrina Liew

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Portfolio Project GAVS

Portfolio Project
By: Sabrina Liew

Fitness Plan
Working out consistently
Feeling better about my appearance
Reducing Body Fat
Reduce Stress Level
Lose weight
Tone and shape my body

Goals fort the Semester
Be able to do 15 pushups in one minute
50 lunges under 3 minutes
45 sit ups in one minute
Increase upper body strength
Run a 5k Marathon
Lose 5 lbs
Exercising daily
Maintain a proper heart rate twice as long as what I can do now.
Monitoring Progress
Used fitness logs
Timed exercise by stop watches
Keeping a workout journal
Example= Workout for 45 minutes today... 10 minute jogging warm up, 25 minute sprinting intervals, and cooling down by jogging for 5 minutes
How F.I.T influenced my workouts
Made planning my workouts more easier
Changed my workout plans by increasing the frequencies of working out, dialing up the intensity to increase my heart rate, and increasing muscular endurance by more time duration.
Lifetime Fitness Plan Expectations
Expecting it to last several months
Lose at least 2 lbs a month
Continue gaining knowledge about cardiovascular fitness, musclar strength, body composition, and increase my Fitness Gram results.
Fitness Gram Results

Body Composition= 5ft 6inches
Muscular Strength& Endurance (Abdominals)= 60 Sit ups
Muscular Strength & Endurance( Upper Body)= 12 Push ups
Cardiovascular Endurance (One Mile Run)= 8 minutes
Flexibility= 11
Fitness Gram Data
Body Composition= 5 ft 6
Muscular Strength& Endurance (Abdominals)= 57 Sit ups
Muscular Strength & Endurance ( Upper Body)= 9 Push ups
Cardiovascular Endurance(One mile run)= 9 minutes
Flexibility(Sit and Reach)=9
My Journey
In the beginning, my cardiovascular fitness wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I assumed after running 10 minutes every other day was a " healthy lifestyle", that holding a five pound weight for 10 seconds was enough muscular strength training for a day.
Back in the days, I used to dance ballet, chinese dancing and hip hop. Dancing was my inspiration. Not only was it fun, dancing made my body composition at a low fat percentage and made me become really flexible. Stretching each body part with a 20 second hold. I held the stretch longer and longer.
A few years later, I had to quit dance class. My motivation for dance has lessen and my body composition was starting to gain fat. Luckily, GAVS Personal Fitness Program not only inspired me to dance again, but also begin exercising. I had no idea what I was getting into or how to workout. Luckily, GAVS taught me how to use Principles of Training (F.I.T). First, by figuring out what level of training I'm on, I used the fitness gram.
Every day, I head to the gym. While blasting music into my ears, I always think of the F.I.T method. I ask myself, " What will I do today? Running? Basketball? Am I going to go all out or just relax"?
By using F.I.T, my progression of training has increased amazingly well. It used to take me 12 minutes to run a mile. However, by increasing frequency of how often I run, increasing intensity so my heart rate can adapt to the speed, my one mile time has decreased to 8 minutes. I am always determined to get into the 60-70% heart rate zone, so I know I am working hard and sweating. I make sure I do not overload my muscles. I attend yoga classes at least once a week, and on the weekend I rest myself so I won't overload my body. GAVS Personal Fitness has changed my life by exercising more, obtaining more knowledge and eating more healthily.
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