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Year 14 - Safe & Acc. internet Use

No description

Kevin Franklin

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of Year 14 - Safe & Acc. internet Use

Safe & Acceptable
Online Behaviour
Safe & Acceptable
Online Behaviour

Social Networks
•Never use your real name
or personal details –
phone number, address, school name, etc.
•Don’t post your own photo – use a logo / band name / football crest / etc.
• Any information you share online is available for anyone else to see.
Don’t post images / videos that you would not want your parents / teachers / employers to see.
Once an image / video is online it can be copied, manipulated and posted in other places where you cannot delete.
• Never add anyone you don’t know as a friend
• Never reply to strange or nasty messages – save them and show them to someone you trust.
• Cyberbully is when a child is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or targeted by another child using the Internet, mobile phone, or other type of digital technology.
• This includes receiving unwanted and nasty emails, texts or having something posted on a web site about you.
Regularly check your privacy settings
• All computer activity in school / university is traceable – any website visited, e-mail sent, etc. Do not use the school facilities for anything other than your school work.
The police have the ability to view any online activity that you have participated in within a period of two years.
This covers PCs, mobile phones, games machines, laptops, tablets, etc.
•Do not participate (IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM) in any type of cyberbullying campaign that has been initiated by someone else – eg. - false Facebook pages, websites, etc. You are as guilty as the person responsible in that case.
Practive safe online behaviour - for your sake and everyone else's !
'Public wi-fi'
You access internet because someone provides it (hotel / bus cafe / etc.)
You use their wifi to go online
No such thing as TOTAL PRIVACY
Provider has ability to monitor your usage
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