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Diary of a water droplet...

No description

Reyhern M.Razali

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Diary of a water droplet...

Diary of a water droplet...
The rain has just fallen.
I am waiting for the sun to come out so that I can evaporate.
My current state is water
Half an hour later
Hooray! The sun is out! Water from all over the place
can gain heat and evaporate to become water vapour which will condense to form clouds.
There will be some dust in the clouds.
Another 1 hour later
I am a cloud already. The dust particles are making the clouds their white colour.
My current state is gas.
A few hours later
Brrr.....! It's starting to get cold out here!
We will soon get heavy to fall down to Earth a rain!
I am still a gas.
A few minutes later
We fall down to Earth as rain.
My current stateis water again.
All the plants will be very happy!
This process will take over all over again......and again.......and again
This is the water cycle.....................................

Hour 1
done by:Reyhern m razali
Class:5 resilience
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