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Geography: England

No description

Clarisse Sy Su

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Geography: England

England's Total Area: What countries in the UK border England? Scotland in the North England's Climate Warmer than the other areas in the UK
Rains fewer days than the rest of the UK What is the longest river in England? River Severn The Thames The longest river in England
346 km long England Geography: Wales in the West England's Total Population: 130,395 sq. km 53,013,000 people (Andalucía: 87,268 sq. km) (Andalucía: 8,424,000 people) Climate weather in a location averaged over a long period of time Which is England's climate?
Which is Andalucía's climate? Average Maximum Temperature
Average Minimum Temperature
Hours of Sunshine Each Year
Annual Rainfall 13.5º 5.9º 1,492.7 854.8 mm 36º 6º 559 mm 2,890 Andalucía England River Thames Mississippi River Guadalquivir River (Guadalquivir River: 657 km long)
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