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What is the Future of Food?

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Patrick Gu

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of What is the Future of Food?

What is the Future of Food?
The Food Enbolderniser AKA the TFE
What will happen to food in the future?
What will happen to food trends in the future?
People create new food trends every year.
New food trends are very noticeable
Its possible to predict food trends before they are created.
Algae tacos, algae pancakes, algae icy poles.

 Will food in the future impact on family and religious traditions?

Genetically modified food can be taken advantaged of and it will most likely become one of our main food products
The Economic Effects of Food in the future.
What will happen to food in the future?
An extra 2.5 billion people by the year 2050
Food, farm and water technologists.
New ways to create and grow food.
Algae, artificial meat, desert greening and insects.
Rethink over on how we use land and water.

Frankenburger created by Google
In the year 2020 technology will change.
Technology will change peoples social life.
Menu's will be online.
People will pay for their meals online.
Robots will be cooking and serving people.
Will restaurants change in the future?
In the year 2020 - 2050 our lives will change.
There won't be as many family traditions.
New food, new traditions.
Religious foods and dishes will change.
Food not being readily available.

Feeding double the population

Creating a sustainable food source?

What food sources will be available?

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During Xplore I have learnt that in the future the new food that will be creating and growing will affect the way humans interact and socialize with each other in the future.
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How will climate change affect food production?

There has been some evidence of climate change affecting food production
A Stanford University study revealed that production of wheat would be higher if not for climate change
Climate change is also damaging crops because of increased droughts, flooding and fires.
At this rate Africa's rain-fed agriculture could drop by as much as 50% by 2020

Traci D Mitchell accessed 21/08/2014
What is genetically modified food?

Genetically modified food are modified food that have been altered for desirable effects
Some of these effects are disease resistant and higher yield when harvested
80% of the US's grocery stores sell genetically modified food
There has been long debates on whether it is safe to eat
Australia allows commercial growing of genetically modified canola and cotton
Food Standards accessed 19/08/2014
Can genetically modified food fight off any sicknesses?
Scientists have been trying to use genetically modified food to fight off disease
Golden rice was genetically modified to fight vitamin A deficiency
Genetically modified milk can also treat diarrhea in young children
In the future scientists hope to use genetically modified food to help fight off disease and cancer.
Accessed 21/08/2014 Author NS
Accessed 21/08/2014
Food will become more expensive and harder to obtain.
The world will produce enough food for the entire population and able to fix world hunger and poor.
More efficient and reliable food sources.

Compact and Easily Stored
It is small and easy to use
Creates healthy & delicious foods.
Group Hypothesis
Food in the future will most like cost more and genetically modified, food will also be made in factories. This food will be whatever resources that Earth has left, because of this food will affect the world's social and cultural life.
Genetically modified food will most likely
be one of our main food sources, this food
will be genetically modified to taste nicer,
smell nicer and more. The machine can
change these genes to make the food taste
like however the user wants it to be, such as
sweet, sour or bitter.
Lack of food
Only going to increase in price
The TFE creates food so fast so that at family
gatherings or meetings cooking doesn't have to be a problem. The TFE will create the food for you and the robots will serve it, so you can just relax and socialize with the people around you.

Food in the future will cost more, so we want something that is affordable and is easy to use. It also has to be efficient and not cost too much to run at the same time.
How will food be sustainable enough to feed an extra 2.5 billion mouths by 2050?
Our machines has incorporated our ideas to create a sort of food creator. Our machine used pill already programmed and labeled to what food you want. The machine then used some type of technology that enlarged the food to create the object at a normal portion size.
Double the population.
Enough food to feed 10 million people without waste.

Will creating food be sustainable?

Stem Cell Research

What food sources will be available
Same attributes of green vegetables
Limited Farm Land
Can genetically modified food feed the world?

The population of Earth is predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050
Crops such as wheat is being genetically modified to yield more when it is harvested
If more crops were genetically modified like this it could feed a lot of people
This could also aid developing countries as well as developed countries
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