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L.A. Unified - 2016: A Year In Review

Join us in celebrating L.A. Unified's progress toward reaching 100 percent graduation.

L.A. Unified Communications

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of L.A. Unified - 2016: A Year In Review

L.A. Unified
2016: A Year in Review
Join us in celebrating L.A. Unified's progress toward reaching
100 percent


Increased Graduation Rates
We created a tracking tool to monitor progress in A-G courses needed for UC/CSU admission.
We immediately sent letters to the parents and guardians of students not on-track to graduate.
In January 2016, we declared an "all-hands-on-deck" effort to raise graduation rates.
We created a Graduation Dashboard, enabling schools to monitor real-time progress toward graduation.
Increased Student Attendance
Student information system training was provided to Pupil Services and Attendance Counselors, resulting in improved attendance data and interventions.
Individual school attendance results were analyzed monthly to improve District attendance efforts.
Increased Student, Parent and Community Engagement
A Strategic Plan was developed to communicate the District's priorities and vision for 2016-2019.
In July 2016, the first ever Promising Practices Forum was held, allowing L.A. Unified educators from all school types to strengthen relationships and learn from each other.
Leading Together Forums will be held in 2017 to build upon the District's strong student, parent and community engagement foundation.
In January 2016, a Listen and Learn Tour was initiated, enabling Superintendent King to engage directly with students, families and communities as partners.

The tour included:
In addition, regular meetings were held with student and parent groups, including:
Many communication outlets were utilized to keep the L.A. Unified family informed, including:

Increased Proficiency for All
We look forward to additional gains in 2017.
New supports were provided to boost proficiency for students in all grade levels.
We achieved across-the-board proficiency gains on the Smarter Balanced assessments compared to last school year.
We also expanded school pathways, giving more students access to a learning environment that meets their individual needs and interests.

These new school pathways include:
Ensured Safe and Welcoming Schools
An additional 300 schools have been receiving training in Restorative Justice practices to facilitate positive school climates.
Additional Restorative Justice Teacher Advisers were provided to train teachers and parents in implementing the
Discipline Foundation Policy.
Promoted Fiscal Responsibility
Together, we will continue to be a
Between March and May 2016, Superintendent King and the Board of Education engaged in three retreats to analyze the report's recommendations and realign budget priorities.
In January 2016, Superintendent King charged District leaders with conducting an
in-depth analysis of the District's financial situation, building upon the recommendations of an independent panel.
In November 2016, a Budget Review Panel was convened to analyze budget reduction plans.

Proposed budget reductions and realignments will be finalized and implemented for the 2017-18 school year.
Throughout this process, we provided budget updates to District leaders, principals, labor and community partners.
In Fall 2016, central divisions developed plans for significant budget reductions and realignments so that more resources could be directed to students and schools.
We have expanded key partnerships focused on increasing graduation rates to ensure a continued upward trajectory.
More students received guidance through Individual Graduation Plans.
Together, we implemented the most personalized credit recovery effort in the District's history.
By June 2016, we achieved a 75 percent graduation rate!

record high
was realized with all District graduates meeting A-G requirements for the first time.
This school year, counselors and coaches with both academic and social-emotional expertise have been provided to high needs secondary schools.
- Los Angeles College Promise
- L.A. Compact
- Priority Enrollment Agreements
with CSU Dominguez Hills and
Charles R. Drew University
Strategic Plan Retreat
(April 2016)
Town Hall Forums
School Visits
Meetings with State and
National Legislators
Roundtables with
Mayor Garcetti
Meetings with
Community Organizations
For our youngest learners, we adopted a new curriculum aligned with the California State Standards.
The number of elementary schools participating in the Early Language and Literacy Plan (ELLP) rose from 85 in 2015-16 to 265 in 2016-17.
The Middle Grades Collaborative was established to develop innovative strategies to ensure the personal and academic success of our middle school students.
We also adopted new middle school English Language Arts textbooks aligned to the California State Standards.
New elementary and high school textbooks are coming in 2017-18.
We offered new high school math courses to help students build connections between their math classes and desired career pathways.
An English Learner Dashboard was developed to provide real-time information on progress.
L.A. Unified received international recognition as the first school district to adopt the International Society for Technology in Education Standards.
16 new magnet programs
5 new STEM/STEAM magnet programs
12 new Dual Language, Bilingual, and Foreign Language Immersion programs
9 new Linked Learning pathways
First single-gender school:
Girls Academic Leadership Academy
(Boys Academic Leadership Academy opening in 2017-18)
Best practices for increasing attendance were communicated to schools throughout the year.
In September 2016, special events were held for "School Attendance Month," including Student Recovery Day.
We also distributed school promotion materials and resources to spread the word about L.A. Unified's amazing educational programs and activities.
As of November 2016, we were exceeding our target for attendance in the Local Control and Accountability Plan.
We look forward to further gains in 2017!
Social Media
KLCS - The District's television station
The District's online publication
Principals' Connection
The District also expanded services that promote the health and well-being of students and families.
More than 14,000 adult learners earned Career and Technical Education certificates and more than 2,000 received high school diplomas in 2015-16.
Additionally, $17 million in new funding for adult education was negotiated in collaboration with the Los Angeles Community College District.
Between January and June 2016, more than 350 students who committed minor offenses were referred to counselors at "FamilySource Centers" or received administrative referrals, rather than face punitive court actions, enabling them to remain in school.
For 2017, online training modules will be available for all schools.
Believe. Achieve. L.A. Unified.
These accomplishments reflect the extraordinary commitment, capability and perseverance of our students, staff, families and community partners. Thank you!
Two schools were opened to re-engage students returning from juvenile hall/camps, providing a positive learning environment for some of our most at-risk students.
@MichelleKingLA, @LASchools
Follow us:
Through our collective efforts, we maintained a low suspension rate.
Over 10 times fewer instructional days lost to suspension than in 2007-08.
Superintendent King and the Board of Education strengthened their collaborative commitment to serve students, parents and the community as equal partners.
Students were given a second opportunity to take the CELDT exam, contributing to improved percentages of English learners reclassifying as proficient in English.
The ELLP is a collaboration between the Divisions of Special Education and Instruction to accelerate language development for ALL students.
- Student Advisory Council
- Local District Parent Advisory Councils
- District English Learner Advisory Committee
District on the Move
as we advance closer to achieving
100 percent graduation
in 2017!
We received the U.S. Department of Education's Green Ribbon Schools Award for improving the health of students and staff, reducing environmental impacts and providing effective education on sustainability.
We honored and developed exceptional educators throughout the year.
- Dual Enrollment Agreements with
L.A. Harbor Community College and
L.A. Southwest College (Anticipated 2017)
- Establishment of new Horace Mann-
UCLA Community School (Anticipated 2017)
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