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No description

Tosha Campbell

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Diversity

Tosha Campbell
Born February 6th 1982
My Blood Lines
Native American
My Zodiac Sign is Aquarius
Also known as the Water Barrer. It is said
that the aquarian gives life through water to the other signs.
I like to
think that
I help give life
to others
around me!
I am of Irish
decent on
my Grandfathers side of the family.
May the luck of the
Irish be with
I am of Scottish decent
on my Father's side of
the family. That lineage
actually can be traced back to Pocahontas.
"The Campbell's
are coming," is a
phrase we use
when we have

My Great, Great Grandmother was Nez Perce. Her name was Ivy Firestone and she was the chiefs daughter. She fell in love with a "white man" leaving her family and culture because her father did not approve. He lost a daughter and I gained Great Great Grandmother.
I am 1/8
Nez Perce Indian.

This is one of my
favorite stories growing up.
Who am I?
My Personality
My Hobbies
My Taste in Music
and Movies
My soft side consists
of being affectionate,
tenderhearted, warm,
compassionate, and
known as "The Mama
Bear" to those who are
close to me.

My strengths are being independent, strong willed, optimistic,
free spirited, determined, loyal, honest, and passionate about what I believe in.
Some of my weaknesses are
procrastination, fear, being
easily distracted, never saying no,
putting myself last on my list
of priorities, overly emotional.

My Hobbies
Board Games
Social Butterfly
Bon Fires
Girls Nights
Pride and Prejudice
Boondock Saints
Down Parascope
North & South
Yours, Mine, and Ours
Rolling int the deep
Stereo Hearts
Just give me a reason
Enter Sandman
Ole' Red
Harry Potter
Foundations For Learning
Chapter Three
Re conceiving Diversity
Diversity in College
The Difficulty of Defining Diversity
Defining Diversity
The Downside of Difference
Delving into Diversity
Diversity in College
Previous community, school or Home
encounters with diversity
Current College experience
with Diversity
As opposed to your previous experiences with different types of diversity, College will through you into a new atmosphere dealing with various cultures, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, ages, and physical abilities.
Colleges' try to welcome students with eagerness, as well as engaging with people who look different from oneself, or come from different backgrounds, ages, and views. This is called "A tone of goodwill." Trying to get new students beyond trivialities, past differences to interacting and learning from each other.
What are the differences we may encounter while in college?
Are they considered components of Diversity?
All of these things are dependent on how diversity is defined.
The Difficulty in Defining Diversity
The quality of being different: Is this an accurate description of diversity?
Many explanations fail to show the importance of the definition when it is needed in explaining diversity in our present day educational contexts.
Different Dimensions in defining Diversity
Social Class
Sexual Orientation
Defining Diversity
People define diversity in a variety of
There are those who say that the need for people with different races, ages, sexual orientation and gender to work together in a productive social community rather than as an individual trying to succeed alone.
Others want to emphasize the need for respect, honor with their focus on how individuals influence one another as well as the relation their influence has on power.
Some combine different aspects of the definition to create a sort of "Hybrid" as the author phrases in this chapter.
Can Diversity be managed?
How aware are we to the idea that no matter how diversity may be defined, there will always be some with a different view of the meaning?
The Downside of Difference
No matter how hard people may try, there is always a down to an up and an evil to weigh down good. That also applies to the difference in diversity.
In a world with difference we will have people with strong feelings toward both the good and bad of society. Creating a super hero / villain persona of diversity.
Bias-incident: is an action that is motivated be a person's real or perceived race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or gender
Hate Crime: is a criminal act including physical assault or vandalism when the victims are targets because of their perceived race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or gender.
Moral Courage: A type of courage needed to take action against bias incidents and hate crimes. It is the behavioral expression of authenticity in the face of the discomfort of dissension, disapproval, or rejection.
Apathy can be just as dangerous as hate.
Take on the mind set that diversity doesn't exist and it is merely "benign" differences creating more apathy, on the flip side if we see it as addressing social injustice and oppression it may propel student to display moral courage.
Delving into Diversity
Look at diversity in three different ways
1. The benign difference perspective: Diversity is any type of difference such as the difference between plants and animals
2. The social justice perspective: Diversity is embedded within a historical context and a struggle for social justice.
3. The per formative view perspective: Diversity is a "kind of action, a kind of effort, often institutional, to bring different kinds of people together for a positive purpose.
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