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Individual Freedom

No description

Janelle Bober

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of Individual Freedom

Individual Freedom
Individual Freedom
Exploring Concept
Individual freedom also known as individualism means one person has the ability to be independent of themselves and each individuals has virtues and importance. They all have equal rights.

Examples of individual freedom or individualism are:
According to the Civics's book, democracy does insist however that each individual must be as free to do as her or she please as far as freedom of all will allow.
We have a right to an authority figure
To remain silent
The right of speech
The right to bear arms
The right to vote
People who stood up for individual rights include:
Rosa Parks
Martin Luther King Jr.
Gay rights activist
When slavery occurred, individual freedom was taken away from the people of the United States.
As an inferring thought, people in higher authority knew of the actions people were making but turned their heads. Leaving people to be enslaved, with no choice to follow people's rules and expectations. if not slave owners would beat their slaves.
One other example is the holocaust. While the Jews were being punished for what they believe in. The United States made it clear that they turned a blind eye and wanted no part. Well that is until the end, but was it too late? Where already 3, 300, 300 people were killed.
Of the democratic structuring in the U.S. government, individual freedom shows within the people's constitutional rights. The definition of individual freedom or individualism is, the belief in primary importance of the individual and in the virtues of self reliance and personal independence; a doctrine advocating freedom from a government regulation in the pursuit of a person's economic goals- according to the Merium-Webster dictionary. However according to "Magruder's American Government" by William A. McClenaghan, complete freedom within a democracy cannot be granted unless in a stat of anarchy, without government. Therefore a person can only be free as the freedom allows. Creating the laws of freedom and the freedom allowed to a person is difficult to differentiate and can create detrimental repercussions. No one person or group of people can be exactly free. John F. Kennedy said: "The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man is threatened."
Individual Freedom allows a person to govern themselves as a person. They had freedom according to their thoughts and their beliefs. Although full freedom cannot be given to one person, individual freedom is presented in human nature
Merium-Webster Dictionary
Magruder's American Government, 2005,
New Jersey by William A, McClenaghan
Google Enterprise

Thanks to the group!
President Janelle Bober
Vice President Hope Moore
Secretary of State Martin Nguyen
Members of the Committee Bobbi Mares and Maya Rampa
Pictures and Examples
By Team USA
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