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Paper to Presentation

No description

Aaliyah El-Amin

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Paper to Presentation

Leading our CM's and thier students to sucess
CS/LS Team
All-Staff Conference Paper to Presentation Instructional Leadership Team WBAT: Articulate the “hierarchy of preparation” for a session and give rationale for why the steps occur in the order that they do
Think about a method for preparation that follows a series of essential steps, but also meets their own personal style/facilitation needs
Prepare a faculty supplement to maximize CM outcomes AGENDA KNOW IT ANTICIPATE IT VISUALIZE IT PRACTICE IT GATHER IT What are some challenges of facilitating from an FS? Why have a strong paper to presentation process?
What does it take to go from paper to presentation?
How do you go from paper to presntation? What makes a great CS? KNOW IT
Read FS
Go through the steps of the paper to presentation process, answering the key content questions and completing steps in the How You Do This section Preparing for a Session Preparing an FS
(Self-Reflection &Critical Thinking) 1.To develop a method for preparation, you
.Pay attention to what yields the greatest results for you in each step of the process
Notice needs that you have as you are preparing and how you fulfill them
Take note of these two things and replicate them as you look at the same session or different sessions
.Note differences in what is helpful to you as you prepare different types of sessions (i.e. PLAN vs. MGMT)
Recognize aspects of the process that are challenging for you and ask for help or collaborate
You will know if you are struggling because
1.The content will not make sense (you will not be able
to articulate it in your own words)
2.You will spend a large amount of time on an aspect
of the process with minimal results COLLABORATION Preparing an FS MODEL PLAN 2a
1. What did MaryAnn have to do to facilitation the session?
2. How do you feel and what do you know as a learner? Read Plan 2a Key questions.. CS CS Achievement Gap CC's Understanding a large amount of content
Explaining content concisely
Taking someone else’s words and making them your own while explaining specific steps to a process, concepts, etc.
Trying to make sure you are “saying everything”
Making time for CM work
Incorporating your own stories so they apply to the content Possible Challenges
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