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Copy of Innovation through collaborative ingenuity

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Megan Smith

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Innovation through collaborative ingenuity

The importance of language and how we use it.
"People move in the direction of their conversations"

- Ed Morrison
Leadership: the importance of critical reflection to modeling failure
Good leaders are mindful of incorporating positive, solution focused language that imbibes a sense of power and responsibility.
Good leaders model vulnerability by allowing themselves to be 'seen'.
The most powerful way of demonstrating this is by being prepared to fail and to be seen to fail.
Collaboration: Connecting people to resources and mobilizing them towards new opportunities.
Pro- Action Cafe...a facilitation model to achieve collaborative ingenuity
Building a Culture of Innovation Through Collaborative Ingenuity
The Unusual Suspects

Maintaining change using Strategic Doing
Responding to Complexity
Traditional problem solving sees issues as singular: requiring a
"one size fits all"
approach to solving.
Where good ideas come from by Steve Johnson
The Unusual Suspects: Facilitating innovation and ingenuity in organisations.
American Social Worker Brene Brown mapped the relationship between Creativity, Courage and Vulnerability. She discovered that, creativity requires courage, that courage comes from vulnerability, where being vulnerable is being prepared to 'be seen'.
Innovation requires people moving from problem soaked to solution focused language.
Conversations that are mindful of their solution focused language invite responsibility from participants to engage productively.
What are the Origins of Innovation?
"Conversation may not yield new meaning, but new meaning will not take hold without conversation."
Mark Strom

In order to collaborate systems, networks, communities and organizations need to be able to connect up in new and unusual ways.
Effective collaboration brings new narratives and allows for alternatives stories to be discovered.
Ideas need a space to collide,
to germinate, to build.
"Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor"
- H. Jackson Brown
Converting ideas into action using a disciplined
Strategic Doing approach.
Ed Morrison
Purdue University
A little on Pro-Action Cafe's
Depending on organisational needs, timeframes and objectives The Unusual Suspects can develop and deliver a layered strategy to assist build a culture of innovation within your organisation or community.

Our facilitators are experienced in hosting structured workshops and providing one-on-one mentoring that spark innovation and encourage collaboration.

The Unusual Suspects works with leadership groups through reflective practice to explore and clarify goals, identify strengths, barriers and ways to influence and implement change.
Thank you for your time.

For further discussion please contact:

Ms Sotera Trevaskis 0457 337 586

Ms Megan Smith on 0407 183 187
Modern organisational problems are increasingly complex and layered. Modern solutions require innovative thinking
and unusual collaborations to uncover diverse, rich and ingenious possibilities.
In solution focused language, dominant constructs move from passive, victim and powerless descriptors to active, responsive and powerful language. Changing the tone, framework and scope of what is possible.
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