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Navigating the Digital World

A presentation to a group of parents in the district where I teach -- seeking a balance between oversight and flexibility

Kevin Hodgson

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Navigating the Digital World

Caught in the Middle
And maybe worry about, too
And there are no digital natives
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." -- Spiderman
Parents and Kids
There Are No Digital Immigrants
Things to Think About
(Researcher Danah Boyd) warns against the assumption that teenagers are inherently tech-savvy. “
That doesn’t take responsibility for how much we need to educate them, how much learning and critical thinking needs to take place. To assume that they will all be able to figure out how to use these technologies wisely simply because they are young, is very destructive.

The Telegraph
“You need trust, respect and communication. It’s a process as opposed to an answer. But the more trust, respect and communication is built up before the teenage years, the better those years are going to be.” - Danah Boyd
Privacy issues
Identity theft
Tracking/targeting by companies
Permanence of Internet posts
The "next thing" (app, site, etc)
Free Information
By Kevin Hodgson
News for Adults
Everything is Social (sort of)
What People (including Kids) Are Doing
and other adults, too
Some Tips for Parents
"Critical thinking skills around information have never been more important. For all of the value that comes with individuals being able to publish freely and widely to the Web, the huge potential downside is that we haven’t developed the literacies that are required to make sense of all that unedited content that’s out there now." -- Will Richardson, interview with TED Talks.
Don't act or react out of fear
Be aware of trends in technology
"Friend" your children on social networks (Don't let them refuse)
Don't allow children on social networks until
at least
age 13.
Set limits on use of technology
Be open about your own struggles with technology
Have regular discussions around the "dinner table" about technology
Remember: they are kids and kids make mistakes (so did we, but it wasn't always so public)
Use ad-blocking/anti-tracking software
Navigating the Digital World
Some Statistics of Use
Perceptions of Kids
Infographic by ebuyer. Found at: http://mashable.com/2014/04/04/kids-online-activity/
Social Media Counter: http://www.personalizemedia.com/garys-social-media-count/
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