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Web 2.0 Prezi

No description

Katie Heet

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Web 2.0 Prezi

Prezi Basics The Beginning of Prezi Developed in 2008, Prezi was founded by the joint effort of Hungarians Peter Arvai, Peter Halacsy, and Adam Somlai-Fischer. Peter Arvai, CEO, joined with Peter Halacsy, CTO, as they were interested in utilizing technology to create a new way of engaging people in sharing stories. Adam Somlai-Fischer, Head of Design, had developed a hand coded zooming user interface and together the three began to develop their idea of sharing stories in a more memorable and engaging way. What is Prezi? Exploring Web 2.0
Technolgoy in Leadership Prezi By Katie Heet Prezi, a virtual whiteboard, is a cloud based tool used to create visual and spatial presentations. It's aim is to transform presentations into conversations, creating a visual story comprised of words and images. Through the Prezi website, you can access numerous tutorials This one minute "Welcome to Prezi" video gives a brief overview. YouTube videos, such as Prezi's Ideas Matter, which is found on the Prezi site, are easily embedded into a presentation. Just click to view the video. First Time Prezi User! Learn more about the company, products, customers, community, and support by clicking on the link below.
Just copy and paste a URL to add it to your Prezi. Prezi Features Zoom and Navigate Transformation Tools Frames
Not Slides Share and Borrow Customize add, delete, rotate, size, and scale content and frames choose blank frames or select templates, themes, colors, and fonts group and arrange ideas, edit content, shape, color, size, and position content, animation, and sound from other Prezis anchor on the home screen, zoom in and out to view and edit content, create your own path Insert diagrams to highlight and organize information. Insert a frame to highlight information. Draw lines and arrows to connect ideas. create, collaborate, research, question...mapping, vocabulary, Venn Diagrams, graphic organizers, videos, animation time consuming to learn

overwhelming number of options and features

potentially over visually stimulating creative freedom
nonlinear pathways
visual story telling cloud based
user friendly
free explore
http://prezi.com/explore/ Pros and Cons support visual and spatial learning

collaborate and share with others References Prezi. (n.d.) Retrieved May 8, 2013 from: www.prezi.com Prezi in the Classroom Search and insert images, photos, symbols, shapes, diagrams, music, and other files into your Prezi. More tutorials can be found at Prezi Support.

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