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Grandpa John

My SAT Word Watch Project for English 1

Molly Youngstrom

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Grandpa John

My Grandpa John My grandpa was an optimistic man who enjoyed the beach
It was evident that Grandpa John was highly intelligent He always complimented my potential for photograpy He could gather data for anything and find an analysis He wasn't shy of evaluating your skills His slogan was "I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwd on just right." He was elated to find out my brother Erik wanted to be a civil engineer just like he was His house, his clothes and his car was always refined He taught me to be a selfless being He would send out family itinerary's to let us know what his schedule would be like when he came to visit us His stories were always absolutly compelling for everyone Though he had a serious demeanor, he was one of the funniest people I knew Him and my grandma were very much involed with their community He enjoyed culture and the world around him For him and my grandma, breakfast was primary He would go from saying the most appropriate things to the most innapropriate things Everything he did was sufficient He liked to critique you in your leisurely activities
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