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A Queueing Application

No description

Adam Shepard

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of A Queueing Application

Queueing Theory for the
Computer Guy: Creating a Data Collection Application Adam Shepard
605.725 - Queueing Theory
April 26th, 2010 Software Development Lifecycle Requirements Analysis Design Implementation Testing Functional - what the program will do Non-functional - how the program will be judged Categorizing and analyzing requirements Prototyping, writing use cases and user stories More detailed exploration of the requirements Important to have client feedback at this point Finding the nouns (classes) and verbs (functions) in the requirements Function specifications, algorithm specifications, architectural specifications Emphasize abstraction and modularity Increase cohesion, decrease coupling Outputs could be block diagrams, detailed models, pseudocode Once you've beaten it all to death, there's nothing left to do but start coding Finding bugs Finding mismatches between requirements and implementation White box, black box, gray box Code coverage Waterfall Model Software Development
Methodologies Code and Fix Iterative and incremental Spiral model Synchronize-and-stabilize Agile My Requirements My Analysis My Design My Implementation My Testing Timer Events System Real-time and post-hoc analysis Varying queueing models Data import and export Charting Embedded device support didn't...exactly...happen... Iterative process Slowly untangling pieces of a queueing model Iterative - implement a feature, make sure "it works" The Application Arrivals -> Departures -> Questions?
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