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The Odyssey- The Challenge

No description

Haley Molstad

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of The Odyssey- The Challenge

In "The Challenge" Penelope creates a challenge to find the man that she will marry. The challenge is to string Odysseus' bow and shoot the arrow through 12 ax heads.
Summary of "The Challenge"
This part of the story shows us that Odysseus is persistent and skilled. He is also blessed by the gods for allowing him to transform from an old man to a young man.
The people believe in a Polytheistic Religion where they worship more than one god. They believe that they control everything and interact with the people. For example, before Odysseus shot the arrow, there was a thunder clap from Zeus that was believed to have helped Odysseus win the challenge.
All the suitors that attempt the challenge, fail, but then Odysseus gives it a shot as he is disguised as a beggar. They all watch him in amazement as he strings the bow perfectly and shoots it through all the ax heads. Odysseus transforms into a younger man after this. Then Telemachus comes and stands in front of Odysseus as if ready to join together and fight everyone else.
By Haley and Jack
The Odyssey- The Challenge
Why do you think Odysseus came disguised as a beggar instead of reclaiming his wife as himself?
We believe that Odysseus came disguised as a beggar because he didn't know who he could trust at home and wanted to see if things were still the same since he had been gone for 20 years. Also to make sure that his wife still loved him and prove to her that he still loved her.
Gods "pro" Odysseus
Athena- Assists Odysseus and his son Telemachus on many occasions. She is the goddess of wisdom and war.
Zeus- He is the king of all gods. Although he often punishes Odysseus and his men, he also helps out along the way with several things.
Gods "Con" Odysseus
Poseidon- God of the seas, holds a grudge against Odysseus for thinking he didn't need help from the gods. He also makes his trip home at sea difficult because Odysseus blinded his son, Polyphemus.
Helios- God of the sun who is upset at Odysseus for eating the cattle while on the island.
Discuss within your groups:
We believe The Odyssey is a timeless classic today because it is full of adventure and suspense along the way. It contains action and has a sense of love within it that readers can relate to today. It keeps readers interested throughout and gives an insight about what times were like back in ancient Greece.
Which gods were in favor of Odysseus and which were against him?
What was the challenge that Penelope created?
What was the point of the challenge?
Mini Quiz
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