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Alpha Biography

no description

Robert Ferris

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Alpha Biography

Alpha Biography by Robert Joshua Ferris Adopted A I had been adopted be the Ferris family when I was five years old. I had first come to the Ferris residence when I had been nine months old. I had stayed there for years as a foster child before being adopted during my fifth year there. Though at that time because I came there very young I had believed that I was already a Ferris. Bella B Bella is one of my family's two dogs. Bella is more my mothers pet rather than the family's pet. When I was little I had kicked Bella down the stairs a few times. This caused Bella to be afraid to go down the stairs, so if Bella goes up stairs someone has to carry her down stairs. Chin C When I was little I had split my chin open twice. The first time I split it I jumped into a pool and my chin hit the side of the pool. The second time was very ironic, the day I had gotten my stiches taken out I went to the park and as I climbed up to get to the slide I had fell and split my chin open again.
George Costanza G At times I find myself acting smilar to George Costanza (a character on Seinfeld) most of the time it's his rage or paranoia. I catch myself quoting George without meaning to or thinking George like thoughts. Another way I act like george is that I have low self-esteem. On a similar topic I believe that like George I will go bald. Instrumental Music I A few years ago I had stopped listening to music that had lyrics when the car radio had broken. I feel that instrumental music doesn't have to be about anything, whereas lyrics mos of the time have a point or story. Instrumental music can also cause me to lose any stress I might have while listening to it. Novelist N I have attempted to write a novel many times. Currently I am writing a novel based on ROTD (Rayman Revenge of The Dark.) I had written eleven chapters before I decided to completely start over. So far I have only rewritten part of the Prologue. Lately I have been considering writing an entire novel series based on the Rayman series. Even though I won't be able to publish the series because Rayman belongs to Ubisoft, I figure it will be a good way to pass the time. OCs O An OC is a fan made character, I of rather R3fan2 had created three Rayman OCs, Monoculous, Henchman P, and a third so far unnamed character. I plan to have these characters appear in the Rayman novel series. Creating these OCs has helped me gain a small amount of confidence and self respect. Quinn Q Quinn is the other of my family's two dogs. She is more of my fathers pet. Oddly she has the same name of the main character of Sliders Quinn Mallery. On a similar topic we had gotten Quinn shortly after I started watching Sliders.
Rayman R Rayman is a game series which I am a fan of. When I was six years old my aunt had given me several old computer games of hers. In those games were Rayman 2, Rayman 3, and Rayman Arena. Rayman 2 was the first Rayman game I had played, next was Rayman 3, and then Rayman Arena. I hadn't gotten that far on Rayman 3, but I had beaten half of Rayman 2 and gotten to the extreme league in Rayman Arena. After that I had lost the games, a few years later I had found Rayman 3 but it wouldn't work on my computer. Fortunately it worked on my grandmother's computer. I had gotten much father than I did the last time before I lost it again. I still remained a Rayman fan even though I couldn't play the games. Fortunately a few years later I had bought the Rayman Tenth Anniversary which included Rayman 2, Rayman 3, and Rayman Arena. Currently I am considering writing a novel series based on the Rayman series. Seinfeld S Seinfeld is most likely the TV show I have watched most. At first the show was supposed to be about every day life, but as the years passed the situations became more bizzare. The show's four main characters were Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, and Elaine Bennes. The two main settings were Jerry's apartment and Monk's Coffee Shop. The minor character that appears the most is Ruthie Cohen, the cashier at Monk's, she had appeared in 101 episodes. The second most appeared minor character was Newman, Jerry's sworn enemy who had appeared in 47 episodes. After that is George's father Frank Costanza in third place, next is George's mother Estelle Costanza in fourth place. Down the list from there is Susan Ross, Morty Seinfeld, Helen Seinfeld, J. Peterman, George Steinbrenner, Uncle Leo, David Puddy, Mr. Wilhelm, Mr. Lippman, Mr. Pitt, Mickey Abbot, Dugan, Jackie Chiles, Kenny Bania, and Jack Klompus.
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