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The Giver Web Quest

No description

Allison Burriss

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of The Giver Web Quest

The Giver WebQuest
Process - Skin Color
Process -
Process - Weather Modification
Welcome, new Receiver of Memory! Now that you have learned that the world used to be very different before the community went to Sameness, you will research one topic that you recently learned about.
Remember that memories and knowledge give you wisdom!
For this assignment, you will research one topic related to The Giver. You will be able to choose from four topics: 1) skin color, 2) weather modification, 3) arranged marriages, and 4) seeing color.

After researching your topic, you will prepare a presentation for the other members of the community. Your presentation may be a brochure, a poster, a PowerPoint, or a Prezi. The rubric for that the community will use to evaluate you is included at the end of this presentation.
In one memory, you saw that people used to have different skin colors. If you choose to research skin color, you will need to find out (1) why people from different parts of the world have different colored skin and (2) how much of the diversity in skin color is genetically encoded.

Finally, write a paragraph explaining why a society that values Sameness would want people to have all the same skin colors.

Helpful websites:
In one memory, you saw that there used to be sunshine and snow. If you choose to research weather modification, you will need to find out (1) reasons why scientists/ governments want to change the weather, (2) what techniques there are for doing so, (3) what countries are participating in weather modification, and (4) if it is harmful to the environment.

Finally, write a paragraph explaining why a society that values Sameness would want the same weather all the time.

Helpful websites:
In your community, the Elders choose mates for adults, but you have seen that people used to be able to choose their own spouses. If you choose to research arranged marriages, you need to find out (1) how common they are worldwide, (2) the rationale for arranged marriages, and (3) what the divorce rates are (as opposed to love marriages).

Finally, write a paragraph explaining why a society that values Sameness would want arranged marriages.

Helpful websites:
Process - Seeing Color
You have seen in memories that there used to be color in the world. If you choose to research how eyes see color, you need to find out (1) what parts of the eye/brain are involved in seeing color, (2) causes of color blindness, (3) common types of color blindness, and (4) prevalence of color blindness in men and women.

Finally, write a paragraph explaining why a society that values Sameness would not want people to see in color.

Helpful websites:
Mrs. Sutherland
ELA/ Grade 7

You will be graded using this rubric:
Well done, Receiver of Memory! Make sure you're responsible with the information you share with the community. The fate of the citizens depends on it!
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