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shandon genovata

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of MUSICALITY

Sacred Symbols
.The symbol of the religion is are the symbols of Alpha and Omega, as a treble and bass clef.

Community of Faith
.The followers of our people are called the voices
Sacred Story
.The name of our sacred scripture is called the sacred book of Melodia

. Alpha and Omega are the 2 Gods
. Alpha is the beat... and keeps order
. Omega is the rhythm... and keeps balance

Religious Experience
Our Founders are Shandon, Christian, Paul, Jonathan who are 4 excellent musicians from Australia 200 years ago. Live in the Vibe
History of Musicality
. The sacred book of Melodia was found by the four excellent musicians, in the book lied ancient scripture of music notes.
. The four musicians played the notes and discovered the Musical Gods; Alpha And Omega.
.They gave the musicians a message to spread the gift of music across the word.

.The Table of Contents:
1. Jazz
2. Hip-hop
4. Rap
5. Dubstep
6. Rock

7. R&B
8. Reggae
9. Pop
10. Metal
11. Disco

. Within the scriptures laid these ancient reading of the different genres of music.

. When us (the voices) become one with our musical instruments we are than able to see and hear Alpha and Omega by playing the notes that lye in the book of Melodia
This is the sign of the Omega, the represents the rhythm. we need the rhythm to keep us going. Usually people of this religion pray in song or music
.The leaders are the founders/ discoverers; Paul, Shandon, Christian, Jonathan.
.Places of worship are the palace of genre. This is where people of all different genres meet and get to see the original Book of Melodia.
. People gather in theater sthere they can play with other musicians and talk about their experiences with Alpha and Omega
. The leaders/ founders stay at the vibe which is a tower where they live and preach about the word of our God
. When new leaders are chosen, it consists of the previous leader haveing an apprentice to train and learn their ways to take over the title of leader
Religious teaching or Doctrine
Beliefs of Musicality;
1. All genres are equal
2. All voices are heard
3. Gods of Alpha & Omega
4. The world began with a beat
5. Music brings harmony
.When teachings are disobeyed, said person is shunned from the creativity and wonders of the religion, Musicality.
. We believe there is an afterlife, when you die the Gods choose to put your body to rest for good
OR the Gods may choose you to live again in the afterlife

.They represent our Gods and the beat and rhythm of out universe
Sacred Symbol
. Every type of genre is like a culture. Based on what genre you are part of determines your taste of food
. In the religion of Musicality expression is a virtue and we are not required to wear any specific clothing and we should showcase who we are
.If you are part of a Jazz genre your taste would be something soothing
.If your genre were rock you would food thats more hardy and flavorful etc.
Coming Of Age Ritual
. When you reach the age of 10 you are given the opportunity to choose an instrument that you will later use to contact the Gods
. When you reach the age of 12 after having the time to bond with your instrument you must finalize your pick.
Coming of Age
.When you reach the age of 13 you are tested upon your relationship and loyalty to the Gods ad the religion
. You are given the chance to play any song to test your bond with the musical Gods . You must play these notes as best as you can and the Gods will approve you be known as a Voice or not.
. After you are known as a voice you may contact the Gods by playing ancient scriptures of music notes that you are rewarded with and can join a genre to be part of.
Coming of Age
. When you die, it is a ritual and significant that the song you played when you were 13 is played
. This represents the full life of a Voice. From when you first were a voice unto your death
Annual Festivals
1. Omega Day (Dec.10) - Celebration of Omega (the beat)
2. Alpha Day (Jan.10) - Celebration of Alpha (the rhythm)
3. Musicality Day (Oct.30) - We celebrate the day Musicality became a legalized religion (also the day, the book of Melodia was found
4. AO day (May.16) - A festival where all music comes in and can experience other ones
5. Year of the.. (June 14) - A day where every single year a different genre is chosen to celebrate

.Heaven, you are now with the Gods in a land of creativity and is anything your heart desires
.Hell is the opposite f creativity, it is a blank place with no creativity what so ever,
5 virtues of Musicality;
. Creativity
. Passion
. Commitment
. Justice
. Expression
. Goodness is rewarded with promotion, welcoming and notice.
. Badness is treated with the person being shunned
. To teach goodness, we teach the voices to become one with your music and learning how music brings harmony amongst us
.You now know everything about the religion of musicality, we focus on the creativity and the gifts given to us by Alpha and Omega. Thank You!
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