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Maria Montessori

Soumayyah Samsoodeen (HHTC Mauritius)

Zaarah Sheikh Shamsoodeen

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Maria Montessori

A child should learn in a prepared environment where:
- there are Independence and freedom
- there are Mixed age groups (2-6 yrs old.)
- the atmosphere is attractive, warm and inviting.
- Movement and Materials
Maria Montessori Theory is based on a model of human development which she called as "
the four planes
of Human development"
Birth 0- 6 yrs. old

“The most important part of life is not the age of university studies, but is the first one, that is, the period from birth to the age of six.” - Maria Montessori

–Young children have a strong sense of learning and exploring.
–Physical independence –
“I can do it myself!

The child wants to be free to work independently within a structured environment doing real activities with an intelligent purpose.

Montessori describes these using concepts like the
where children’s behavior comes from the learning of the environment around them. Children
soak up everything like
a sponge,
making everything around them important.
6 - 12 yrs. old
-Children started to change physically and psychologically.
-The child is no longer self-absorbed.
- This plane
develops their thirst of knowledge, and intellectual independence ( “I can “think it” myself”.)
- The child is curious and he now asks questions such as how and why
things are like this.
Interested in learning about the universe – what is outside of the
prepared environment.
12 - 18 yrs old

- Characterized by self concern and self assessment.
- There are also big physical and psychological changes, as the child starts growing into a teenager.
- This is the plane of emotional/social independence.
( “I can stand
on my own”)
- This plane also
develops their cultural independence, and social and moral values.
18 - 24 yrs. old
- Teenagers start transitioning to adulthood.
- Physical growth complete but education continues.
- Characterized by self concern and self assessment.
- This is the plane of
economic independence
“I can get it myself”
- They are now responsible for their own decisions.
How Maria Montessori develop her theory?
Maria Montessori developed her methods and theory by simply
observing the children and their behaviors around her.
She also did experimentation with the environment, materials, and lessons available to the children to further understand how they learn.

1. Focuses on cognitive and social development
2. The teacher acts as guide to the children
8. Environment and method encourage Self Correction &
Control of Error
3. Different ages are grouped together
6. Child chooses own work and Materials
4. Child sets own learning pace
5. More hands on learning
7. Child can work where he chooses, move around and talk
(yet not disturb the work of others)
Following The Child
Correcting The Child
Prepared Environment
"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." Maria Montessori
Montessori learned most about child development, education and learning through observation.
If a child is banging on objects it means they want to use his motor skills; so give him toy drums
Following The Child
"The aim of the children who persevere in their work with an object is certainly not 'learn'; they are drawn by the needs of their inner life, which must be recognized and developed by it's means." Maria Montessori
This is a combined application of
following the child.
From what you observe of the child, follow them in what they need to do. If they want to climb, allow them to do so safely without being overprotective. Stand back and watch; give the child freedom to choose.
Correcting The Child
Children make mistakes and we need to teach them in a calm manner. Don't raise your voice. Ask them to help you fix it.
Prepared Environment
The prepared environment is an important factor in implying the Montessori theory. The environment has to be safe for the children to feel invited to do work. It has to be ready and beautiful for the children so it invites them to work.
The development of the child is dependent of the environment they are placed in, and this environment also includes their parents.
There are Montessori schools everywhere!
Maria Montessori
• Born on 31st August 1870 in Italy
• Died on 6th May 1952 in Netherlands
• Work with Special Children
• Inspiration from Jean Itard and Edward
• Her First Montessori Children's House
“Casa dei Bambini"

Maria Montessori
The founder of the
“Montessori Method" of Education
Life and Works of
Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori


Date and time of the theory
Montessori believed that it was important to make the child independent. This is achieved for example by giving children opportunities to help with tasks, and dress themselves all of which will increase their confidence and self belief.
Dr.Maria's views on play and creativity
"Play is the work of the child"
Dr Maria refers play to work as it is an activity the child does often. It is through this "work" that they create themselves.

Soumayyah Samsoodeen

Plane 1: Birth 0 - 6yrs old
Plane 2: 6 - 12 yrs old
Plane 3: 12 - 18 yrs old
Plane 4: 18 - 24 yrs old
Was the Method Successful?

"No one can be free unless he is independent." -- Maria Montessori
For example:
Goal of the montessori classroom
•Absorbent Mind
a) Unconscious learning (0 to 3 yrs)
b) Conscious learning ( 3 to 6 yrs)
• Sensitive Periods
The Red Plane of infancy
The blue plane of childhood
The red plane of Adolescence
The blue plane of Maturity
• The method was successful
• A turning point in history
• 4000 certified Montessori private and public schools
in the United States
• 7,000 worldwide
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