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Some films fans take their love of superheroes too far

Mario Wakim

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Copycats

Copycats Copycats in the
Dark Knight In the Dark Knight, the first vigilantes we see are the six thieves who rob a bank. The scene right after that has fake batmen who try to 'help' in stopping the criminals, but to Batman they appear as plain copycats who have been wrongly influenced. They carry guns and shoot people. Batman doesn't use guns because his one rule is not to kill anyone and he strives for justice not revenge. Joker Henchmen The Dark Knight starts with 6 thieves who have been hired by the Joker to rob a bank. These thieves imitate the Joker in so many ways in this scene. To begin, they all wear masks that make them look like clowns to hide their faces. They are also selfish and greedy; this is shown when they all slowly kill one another until only the real Joker himself is left with all the money. As well as that they are very cruel and cause chaos when they threaten the staff. Fake Batman The Fake Batmen try to imitate the Batman. They wear very similar costumes (not as good as the real Batman's) and they are sneaky. The fake Batmen come out at night and also want to be feared by criminals. However, they carry guns with them and therefore they aren't fighting for justice. They also wear 'hockey pads' as batman states in the movie. Real-life superheroes Citizen Prime Tothian Mr.Silent Taking it to far? Does he achieve anything? Taking it to far? Does he achieve
anything? A 40 year old man named Jim, has been watching over Phoenix for the past year. Like many movie superheroes, he chose to become one because he wanted to show everyone that they shouldn't be scared of crime. "Are you going to sit inside scared that a terrorist might attack your city, or are you going to go out and live your life?" Tothian who is a 22 year old man, is another vigilante who looks after New Jersey and New York. His Marine reservist and martial arts skills are used when guarding the streets. He escorts women home at night and tries to stop fights. He wears black combat boots, green cargo pants and a T-shirt. He also has a logo, which appears at the centre of his T-shirt, that is made from the letters used to spell Tothian. Although Tothian likes to save people, he doesn't want to become a police officer because he disagrees with a lot of the laws. "I'm not out to punish every single criminal," he said. For example, he would try to stop marijuana smokers, but wouldn't 'apprehend' them as bad people. Mr. Silent protects the streets of Indianapolis. Bruce Wayne/Batman is the person who motivated him to become a vigilante. Mr. Silent only comes out about once a week because he is a full time worker. He comes out at night and looks for people in danger or who need help in some way. "I roam the streets of the city looking for those in distress or danger and I do my best to help them. If those in need of help are being mugged or hurt in anyway, then you can be assured that I will do something about it" Mr. Silent said, although he can't fly or run at top speeds, he sees himself as 'super' because he works towards changing society so it can be good. Although he roams the streets once or twice a week he actually hasn't found much crime. In fact the one time he has ever stopped a criminal was when he managed to throw a thief to the ground as he was running. Since this is the case, Citizen Prime really hasn't achieved much. Citizen Prime is taking his love of fictional characters a bit too far. He does want to stop crime and to make the world a peaceful place; however, this can be done in a much more realistic way. He also wears an armored costume with a cape which also proves that he has taken the idea too far. Since Tothian is an active 'hero' he has achieved more than a lot of the other vigilantes. He has helped women get home safely at night time; he has tried to break up fights. He has actually stopped any crime that has happened in front of him. Taking it too far? Compared to other copycats, Tohian hasn't taken it as far. He doesn't wear a cape, a mask and he doesn't carry weapons. In fact all he does is look for people in trouble. Although this is the case, he still says he is a superhero and has a hero name. Does he achieve
anything? Mr. Silent helps anyone he sees. He helps people who are in 'distress' or who aren't safe. If someone is being robbed, harassed or harmed in anyway he goes out and helps the person. He only comes out around once a week because he is a busy person. Mr. Silent wears a silver mask and he thinks is a hero, he definitely takes his love of superheroes a bit too far. After watching Batman movies he was moved and instead of saying 'it was a great movie' he decided to try to become a superhero himself.
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