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Motion of SPAAAACE!

No description

Brenna Byars

on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Motion of SPAAAACE!

Motion of SPAAAACE!
Have you ever marveled at how the sun seems to shift throughout the sky? Or maybe the stars at night? Well they aren't shifting...
Earth's Motion
See, Earth's motion affects us more than most people know. For example, the Earth rotates which creates day and night. Also revolution affects us by creating day and night. Furthermore, every living thing on Earth is moving through space every second of time.
The Moon's Motion
The moon's motion also affects Earth. The sun reflects light off the moon to Earth and makes the phases. It also makes the ocean come closer and go farther away.
The Planets
Planets don't usually affect Earth. (Except how we are one.) The inner planets (or the rocky planets) rotate like Earth, but the outer planets (or the gas giants) rotate differently. Different parts of a planet rotate at different speeds!! Pluto (now a dwarf planet) is so small some asteroids are bigger than it. Sometimes it gets pulled off it's orbit, so it has a liable path.
The Star's & Constellation's M
The sun spots are actually storms. The sun does not move, but will evolve into something else. Without the sun there wouldn't be any existing life on Earth. There are other stars like our star (the sun) in the universe.
The motion of our solar system is vital. Without it we wouldn't be here today...
Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!
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