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Flipped teaching with iPads & blended learning cycle

Hannah Robinson

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of FlipPrezi

with iPads
& blended learning cycle

Flipped Teaching
Intrigue with the unexpected

iPads are tools
not textbooks
In-class practice, problems, modeling, video-making
Video: flipped
Blended cycle has more review
& formative assessment
Check student notes
Ask questions about videos
Formative assessments throughout
Summative assessment at end unit
Grid-in math questions
Diversify iPad apps/Notetaking
Student presentations
Screencasts can be your own or another expert's
Notes on iPad
Excel on PC/Mac
iPads (Naace study)
increase motivation 69%
increase student perceptions of achievement 61%
Explore, Teach content, Practice
sequence is more effective than
Teach content, Explore, Practice
ASCD (2006)
Mr. Andersen is a Youtube EDU Scholar
& Montana State Educator of the Year
Benefits of flipping lectures as homework

Watch content at student's own pace
Replay as needed
Catch up if absent/at sports
Free-up practice time with teacher in classroom
More in-class practice time in total
Feedback on classwork is immediate
Control of content is transparent
The blended learning cycle acronym

Summary assessment
Adjusting for Strengths & Weaknesses of iPads& Flipping

Focus on learning goals.
Vary the flipped method: screencasts, animations, student videos.
Spend more class time on in-depth reading skills (choral reading, pairs, highlighting, word walls, sentence frames, drawing pictures of vocabulary, drilling using Quizlet flash cards and word races).
Use formative assessment to adjust teaching plans.
Use technology apps (Showbie etc.) to deal with student workload.
Ask students for feedback; have students reflect on progress towards goals.
Communicate with parents and administrators.
The milk example
...took about six screencasts
associated activities
to explain to students
(properties of water, hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, properties of lipids, detergents, size of molecules)
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