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Ray Family Tree

No description

Nichole Birch

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Ray Family Tree

Ray Family Tree
All of Granz's Kids
The Whole Ray Family... almost
This is probably the closest that we have gotten to have the whole family together for a while, although we are missing Uncle Ben and his family, all of Aunt Joys kids, most of Uncle Dannys kids, Trevor, Uncle Abes kid, and most importantly YOU. That is around 15 people missing.
Joy (the oldest)
Danny (second)
Amy (Third)
Abe (Fourth)
He lives with his second wife, Samantha, and their combined 6 kids in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Don't we look so good together?
Our Family
Justin was born August 13, 2005. He is absolutely in love with video games and guns. He does good in school, and is has a very relaxed personality.
She also hates taking pictures. (This one was taken with out her knowing. Shhh.)
Samara (Fifth)
She lives with her three kids in her boyfriend Johns house, with summer visits from his son.
Ben (Sixth)
He lives with his wife Sarah and their four kids in Heber, Utah.
Michaela (Seventh)
Our mother's mother had seven kids total, she looovvveees animals, and is very funny. She does not like being called grandma at all and prefers to be called Granz or Meme. (Courtesy of our cousins who were learning how to talk. Haha.) She currently lives in Idaho Falls, ID with her daughter Michaela and grand daughter Aliya.
Granz's Siblings
Ganz's siblings are pretty much the awesomest people in the world, but we don't get to see them all that often because they live so far away. Aunt Jenni lives in Fruitland, Utah with Uncle Robin. Uncle Terri lives in a nursing home near both of them.
Aunt Jenni
Uncle Robin
It amazes me how bits and pieces of my personality show up in my children here and there. Just out of the blue. So, if you truly know yourself, then you already know me a little. I can't wait to sit and talk with you, face to face, for a time, and see what bits and pieces of me are already in you. ~Mom
Brian was born May 20, 2001. He has an outgoing personality (as I'm sure you noticed) and is always trying to get you to laugh. He is also addicted to video games, but also loves reading books.
John and Tyler
Nichole was born May 5, 1998. She also loves books and is always doing something for school, but hopefully it will pay off when she graduates during her junior year. She is also attached to her boyfriend, Alistar, and does pretty much everything with him.
She lives Kearns, Utah.
He lives with his third wife, Elva and her two kids in North Carolina.
She live with her two youngest kids Izabelle and Devanie in Pocatello, Idaho.
She lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho with her only daughter and Granz.
Mom and John have been dating for four years now. John is a trucker, younger than Mom by six years, and is the owner of the home that Mom and the kids live in. He has only one kid, Tyler, who visits us during the summers while school is out. Nichole, Brian, and Justin generally consider John as a step dad and Tyler as a step brother, even if its not official, and they do as well. Tyler just turned 15 which keeps Nichole the oldest child in the house. They are both avid hunters, campers, and fishermen. Both are very addicted to video games (they are lucky there is someone to bring them food or they would starve) which makes them fit in with the other two boys in the house.
Aliya and Michaela
Abe's Family
Michaela's Family
Amy's Family
Joy's Family
Jason's Family
Or Little Bit, because she is the baby.
(Sorry it's a little blurry.)
Taking care of his baby sister.
Little Nicole
Ben's Family
Jason and Haley's Wedding
Marissa and Jeremy off to the sides
Hunter and Jackson
Your first 2nd cousins in the Ray family
Danny's Family
Rebecca and her fiance Jakob Black
Uncle Terri
She once won a pageant for Mrs. Kearns
He is one of the biggest practical jokers in the family. You cant take anything that he says seriously.
She is a crazy cat lady. Literally, with 5 cats (I think).
He is constantly surrounded by children since he recently became a teacher when he already has seven kids at home.
She spends a great deal of time cooking because it relaxes her and makes others happy to eat it.
Warning! Her food is highly addictive. Don't even try it once unless you are willing to get cravings for the food later.
He met his wife Sarah in a ballroom dancing class and now they have one of the cutest couple ever.
She will always forgive a family member, no matter what wrong they did. She will always be there for you, as there is not a shoe sale going on elsewhere.
Jeffery and his fiance Talicia Hammer
Loves tattoos and tricking out cars.
Loves his family and to work out. He kinda reminded us of the little boy in Radio Flyer when he was little.
She loves dance. She even preformed in the Nutcracker a few times.
He is a Graphical Technical Artist, and is amazing at playing guitar.
She just turned five and her favorite color is purple just like Mom.
He is the oldest child in his family but he is still just as young as the toddlers at heart.
Loves seeing his extended family and step brothers and sisters.
Is a good with helping me with her younger sisters and even better at playing with them.
So cuddly and snuggly.
Loves the outdoors, still to this day calls Mom Pitts, and is good at playing guitar.
Biggest Beatles fan ever.
Used to work as a Forest Ranger.
Loves mudding and four-wheeling
Elva's daughter from a previous marriage.
She is a vet assiatant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is busy getting ready for a wedding.
Elva's son from a previous marriage.
Is quiet mixed with his fathers quirky sense of humor.
Recently finished elementary school.
Loves visiting Brian and Justin because he can play video games.
Prefers to be called "Master" by Easton.
Has a very curious personality.
The blondest Puerto Rican you will ever meet.
Lives in Texas with his dad, Ismael.
Loves baby anything: baby animals, baby people.
The Ray Family
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