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Professional Soccer in British Columbia

No description

Kyle Gibson

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Professional Soccer in British Columbia

Legend has it that Denny Veitch (current club president) was driving on the Lions Gate Bridge and looked up and saw Whitecaps on the mountain then looked down and saw Whitecaps on the water. Hence the name Vancouver Whitecaps
The North American Soccer League (NASL) ended
The Whitecaps FC decided to have Empire Stadium as their temporary stadium until BC Place finished their renovations
March 19 2011
The Vancouver Whitecaps FC started their first game in the MLS with a 4-2 win against Toronto FC. In October Empire Stadium was closed and they finished their season in the newly renovated BC Place
Denny Veitch and Herb Capozzi annouced the Vancouver Whitecaps as a soccer franchise
May 5 1974
Vancouver Whitecaps play their first ever game as a club. They lost 2-1 to San Jose Earthquakes. But Whitecaps defender Neil Ellet made history by scoring the clubs first goal.
Professional Soccer in British Columbia
December 11 1973
1976 Season
The Whitecaps first playoff appearance against Seattle Sounders
The Whitecaps became the first professional teamfrom Vancouver to win a major trophy as they beat Tampa Bay Rowdies
September 9 1979
100,000 people came to the championship parade to celebrate
Vancouver hosted the Soccer Bowl championship at the newly built BC Place
The first ever sporting event at BC Place was the Vancouver Whitecaps vs The Seattle Sounders
June 20 1983
As a result of the North American Soccer League (NASL)ending a new league was created called Canadian Soccer League
The change of leagues the club decided they needed a new identity. So they decided to changer their name to the Vancouver 86ers
The reasons behind this name are was the year of Vancouver's incorporation as a city was in 1986, the clubs funding was in 1986, the first time Canada qualified for the World Cup was in 1986 and there was 86 members of the club.
Won the League Championship title
Won the league Championship title and set a North American and set a Professional Sports team record by being beingundefeated in 46 consecutive matches (37 wins 9 draws)
Won the League Championship Title
Won the League Championship Title
The Canadian Soccer League folded and the 86ers became apart of the American Professional Soccer League
Changed their team colors to Red, White, and Black and Head Coach Bobby Lenarduzzi left to Coach the Canadian National Team
Former Whitecap, 86ers and Canadian International, Carl Valentine succeeded as Head Coach
Lost to Seattle Sounders in semifinals
Lost to the Milwaukee Rampage who went on to be Champions. Also former Head Coach Bobby Lenarduzzi return after his time with the Canadian National Team ended
Lost in first round of playoffs
Lost in first round of playoffs
October 20 2000
The 86ers changed their name back to the Whitecaps after new ownership purchased naming rights from former Whitecap director, John Laxton
lost in the semifinals
Lost in the finals and newly appointed owner (David Stadnyk) step down half way through the season as they appointed Greg Kerfoot as their new owner
Febuary 24 2003
The Whitecaps were bought by a new club structure called Whitecaps Football Club (FC) which introduces a new youth development program
Announced that they're building a Whitecaps FC youth training center at Simon Fraser University
Did not make the playoffs
Despite finishing fourth in the league they made it to the finals and won 3-0
The Whitecaps FC won it all again and submitted a proposal to enter the Major League of Soccer (MLS)
The Whitecaps FC made to the finals again but lost to Montreal. But a few weeks later Don Garber announced that the Vancouver Whitecaps FC would be the seventeenth team in the MLS
The Whitecaps FC started their second season in the MLS with a 2-0 win over Montreal. They also set a new MLS record for most consectutive minutes played without conceding a goal to start a season (427 minutes/ four and a half games) and were the first Canadian team to make the playoffs.
Whitecaps FC started yet another season with a win against Toronto FC. The Whitecaps FC later won 4-1 against the Seattle Sunders as they won the Cascadia cup as Kekuta Manneh scored a hat-trick and became the youngest player to score a hat-trick. They didn't make the playoffs but Camilo was the leading goal scorer with 22 goals
In their fourt seasos in the MLS they started with 4-1 win over New York Red Bulls. As 2014 is there fortieth year as a club. They're the longest running professional soccer club in North America
A 3-1 lost to Toronto started their fifth season in the MLS. They won the Canadian Championship and finished third overall
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