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Copy of Rules and regulations

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on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Rules and regulations

Lesson Objectives
With a partner pick a sport and list as many rules and regulations as you can which help maintain the health and safety of participants in a selected sport (2D.M3)
Some Images to give you some clue's
Group task
LO1: Complete descriptions and explanations of 4 legislations and any outstading work

LO2: Describe and explain 4 rules and regulations relating to health, safety and injury in sport and explain some
Rules and regulations

Each sport generally has a national or international governing body that sets out specific rules or laws to ensure that a sport is played fairly by all competitors.

For example, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football
Association) governs football, the IRB (International Rugby Board) governs rugby, the BWF (Badminton World Federation) governs badminton and the IOF (International Orienteering Federation) governs orienteering.

These rules will cover everything from how a game will be started to when a free kick may be awarded in a rugby game, for example.

Each sport also has a set of regulations. These generally control how the sport will be played or conducted, including what surface it will be played on, what safety standards
need to be met in order to help prevent injuries, and what equipment must be used.
Learning aim D – know about rules, regulations and legislation associated with health and safety in sport
Back court
Foot Fault
Side Out
Name That Sport
Back court
Foot Fault
Unit 10: Injury and the Sports Performer

Activity 17 – What is the purpose?
Well…what is the purpose of having health and safety rules, regulations and legislation in sport?

Well…what is the purpose of having health and safety rules, regulations and legislation in sport?

The class is going to divide into two groups and we will run a mini debate on this issue. One side of the group will be ‘for’ having health and safety rules, regulations and legislation in sport and the other group will be ‘against’ the need for having health and safety rules, regulations and legislation.

You have 15 minutes to discuss your ideas with other members of your group to produce an argument either ‘for’ or ‘against’ health and safety rules, regulations and legislation in sport then we will crack on with the debate.

You the relevant spaces below to get down your initial ideas;

Lesson Objectives
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