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Gilt by Katherine Longshore

No description

Damena Jackson

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Gilt by Katherine Longshore

Gilt by Katherine Longshore
Protagonist & Antagonist
Major Conflict
Cat gets invited to court to get married by King Henry VIII, but she promises her bestfriend's that she would get them into court too. Cat doesn't really "love" the king, because she says you don't need love to be happy. Cat is secretly seeing a man named Thomas Culpepepr but no one knows but Kitty, Joan & Alice. She has a hard time hiding her feelings for Thomas and sometimes Kitty catches her staring at him, and has to remind her to watch herself. Kitty keeps telling Cat that it is dangerous to keep seeing Culpepper like this knowing that she's married to the King, and one day someone will find out.
Historical Time Period
Around the 1540's, when in London they had Kings and Queens that ruled. (early renaissance)
Important People
King Henry VIII, Catherine Howard, Anne of Cleves, Jane Seymour, Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Argon & Catherine Parr. Joan Bulmer, Alice Restwold, Katherine Tynley, Jane Boleyn, Thomas Culpepper, Francis Dereham & Mary Lascelles.
Detail 4
Rising Action
Edmund tells Kitty that he knows what's going on between Cat and Thomas but promises to not say anything because he knows telling on them will also get him in trouble.
Important Dates & Situations
Soon the king found out about Cat and Thomas' relationship and decapitated Thomas' head in 1541(December). The king also found out that she had a past affair with Francis Dereham and had him hung on the same day at Thomas. Then in 1542(February) the King decapitated Jane(she incouraged the relatonship between C&T) and Catherine's head. (Mary Lascelles is the person who found out about what Catherine and Thomas were doing and told the duke, which told the king.)
The story is set in King Henry VIII's court (London), & the Tower of Londen
Catherine Howard was ordered to court by the King to get married, but she promised her best friends, Kitty, Joan & Alice that she would get them into court also. Cat did as she promised and got the girls into court. Being in court wasn't how Kitty expected it to be. Now since she was in court she had a LOT of secrets to keep, saw things she wished she hadn't saw, lied more and went through heartbreak. Cat has always said that Kitty was her sister to the grave. Every since Cat got married she got whatever she wantd, when she wanted. This being said Cat requested things of Kitty that she didn't want to do but Cat forced her to do it. She requested things like being her look out when Thomas Culpepper snuck in during the night, and other small things like stealing keys. Rumors about Cat being pregnant fled around court quicker than a disease. Is it true that Cat is pregnant? Will she get caught seeing Thomas by someone who WILL tell on them? Read the book to find out.
Damena Jackson
Sites Used:
Protagonist: Kitty Tynley, Joan Bulmer & Alice Restwold
Antagonist: Thomas Culpepper, Edmund Standebanke, Catherine Howard, & Jane Boleyn

wikipedia & google
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