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U.S. Education Today and Tomorrow

EDU-210 TEME101 Module 4

Stephanie Vadovich

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of U.S. Education Today and Tomorrow

Stephanie Vadovich
U.S. Education Today and Tomorrow
Changing Times and Trends
Education in America is changing. The changes are exciting for some and frightening for others. Ultimately the changes being made are for the good of students and will allow them to compete successfully in a growing global economy. With more choices, technology, and reform where needed, America's students will have the strong roots they need to succeed.
Increased Globalization
Dictionary.com defines globalization as "extending to other or all parts of the world" ("globalization," nd).
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High School Reform
Why is it needed?

30% of college freshman have to take remedial courses ("High schools," 2013).

Employers surveyed by Achieve Inc., shared they believe 45% of high school graduates will be unable to move beyond the entry level positions because they lack the skills needed to do so ("High schools," 2013).

7,000 high school students drop out of school every day ("High schools," 2013).
Impact on Students
The new Common Core Standards will allow students to test using their critical thinking skills, thus proving they 'own' their knowledge and have not simply 'rented' it (Moxley & O'Connor, 2013).

By bringing the real world into the classroom, teachers have a better chance of keeping students engaged in learning and in school. Wu-Tang's GZA wanted to help with just that when he volunteered his time and talents as a rapper to get students excited about science in some lucky New York City public schools (Fractenberg, 2012).
EDU-210 TEME101
Kimber Underdown
July 21, 2013
Increased Choice & Privatization
of Education
What does that mean?

School choice gives parents the opportunity to decide which school best fits the needs of their student and allows them to take their tax money to the school of their choice.

Privatization of education gives tax breaks to families so they can send their students to private schools.

Photo credit ("Projects boulder creek," 2013).
Impact on Students
School choice does allow for some healthy competition among schools.
Magnet schools now exist allowing like-minded students to gather from different neighborhoods to study a common passion; art or dance for example.
Public schools find themselves looking for new and innovative programs to set themselves apart from neighboring schools; STEM and Renaissance Learning are two examples.
Charter schools offer a free education with smaller class sizes and uniforms..
Private schools are still collecting high tuition with the promise of a high quality education.
All of these choices are good for the students who can take advantage of them. There are still students whose families cannot take them to any school but their assigned school due to transportation and financial reasons.

Impact on Students
With advances in technology, our world has become smaller. SMART boards bring the world to the fingertips of the students and teachers. Step into a classroom and students are no longer only learning French and Spanish, they are being emerged in Mandarin Chinese. Today's students are learning to compete and communicate with not only each other, but with the entire world.
Increased Reliance of Technology in the Classroom
Students in elementary and high school today are a mix of Generation Y and Z; they have always known technology. It only makes sense that their classrooms are filled with technology and teachers use this as a tool to quench their thirst for knowledge.
Impact on Students
The use of technology in the classroom will have students ready to enter the work force both competitive and competent ("Benefits of technology," nd).
Technology in the classroom allows peers to interact with each other and share knowledge; common side effect, self-confidence grows.
Certain subjects update faster than textbooks do, the use of SMART boards in the classroom allows students access to the latest information ("Benefits of technology," nd).
SMART boards are interactive; no longer do students need to only be lectured to. This technology allows students to become part of the presentation and engaged in learning.
The Future of Our Students
With the changes American students will be seeing in the classroom; the future looks bright for them. School choice gives students a choice, high school reform will be sending graduates off with better skills, globalization is opening new doors, and the continued use of technology will have students ready to take on the world. This really is an exciting time to be a student.
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