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Japanese Crisis

No description

Shane O.

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Japanese Crisis

Japanese Current Events Monday Nuclear Crisis The Nuclear Crisis in Japan has made the water of Japan full of radiation.Reactor number 2 is the one that is making the problem very serious. The radiation level is very high but if they stay away from the places where the radiation level is high they will be safe. "The main goals of the workers is to cool down all the reactors" said spoke men Yokio Edano. The most they can do to the radiation that is in the water is pump the water out of the ocean and put in fresh supply of water. So far it is not working that well. What many American's greatest fear about the crisis is if the radiation will go into America's Atmosphere. We all hope that never happens Tuseday Earthquake The cement production after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on Tohoku may have cut down by one-third of its supply of cement. The earthquake hit 9 cement production plant.
The earthquake also might have destroyed some of its mineral supply. The earthquake has also damaged railroads and also forced the government to shut down many mineral facilities. Japan also has the 2 largest iodine producers with 35% of the worlds iodine but now because of the disaster of the earthquake shortened to only 23% of the worlds iodine. Wednsday Thursday Nuclear Crisis The Nuclear powerplant radiation is know leaking out more into the ocean and expanding outside the evacuation zone. This is one of the worst nuclear crisis since 1986. The radiation is not only spreading outside of the evacuation zone but also into America. "My understanding is that the situation continues to be very serious and the effort to overcome this crisis is increasing. At the same time, they encounter difficulties, like the existence of water or high levels of radiation," said General Yukiya Amano. For three days Japan has been trying to keep the nuclear crisis under control. The concern most people have is what will the radiation effect. The radiation can cause many cancers and also damage many internal organs. Friday Nuclear crisis Low level radiation was found in Milk!
They found the low level radiation in Los Angeles it seems that the radiation from Japan is going into North America.
Because of this many people in America are worried of how far the radiation will go to. Scientist found the radiation while testing milk samples. Sure enough they found low level radiation. Although the radiation was low level it can still damage your health. The only thing that the radiation is exposing is fresh milk. There has been no signs of radiation in any other dairy product. The reason why there is radiation in milk is because iodine. Iodine is entering earth's air and is being deposited on grass. The cows graze upon the grass and eat it. The iodine has radiation in it and so that is the reason why scientist have discovered low level radiation in milk. Because of all the natural disasters and the nuclear crisis you might be wondering about the people who are living in Japan. Many people are living with other people in evacuation zones. Others are desperate to try to find there loves ones from the tsunami and earthquake. Many people have caught radiation and many are sick and trying to stay alive. Some people are sad because they can not find there love ones but stay strong for the sack of there children. More and more people are being confirmed dead and many more people have not been found. Many young people are trying to help the efforts of rebuilding japan by helping with passing out food for people or trying to find survivors of the earthquake and tsunami. Many countries are tying to help the crisis in Japan including America. But because of these event Japan getting a fresh new start.
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