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killer bees

No description

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on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of killer bees

what are killer
Killer bees (more properly called African honey bees),earned their "killer" reputation for their more aggressive way of defending their nests.

why are killer bees so killer?
African honey bees are faster to respond to potential threats. Their venom is actually not that deadly, but they make up for it in numbers. African honey bees may sting ten times more then their calmer cousins.
where are killer
Killer bees arrived in the U.S. in 1990, and now live in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and the southern part of California. In recent years, killer bees have also been found in Florida, mostly in the Tampa area.
In the 1950's, biologists in Brazil were trying to breed a honey bee that would make more honey in tropical environments. They imported honey bee queens from South Africa and made experimental hybrid colonies near Sao Paolo. sometimes these types of experiments get out of hand, some of the hybrid bees – Africanized bees – escaped and established colonies.
how did killer bees get here?
"When bees attacked a Texas couple over the weekend, it seemed like a scene out of a horror film, according to the way one of the victims described the scene to the Associated Press. More than 30,000 bees swarmed the couple as they exercised their small horses. At first, the woman and one of the horses jumped into the pool to avoid the stings. There were so many bees that the sky turned dark, as if it was night, she said."

why are killer bees so killer?

how much did you learn?
why are killer bees so killer?
were do killer bees live?
how did killer bees get here?
what was the effect of killer bees in generl?
Killer Bees
killer bees are so killer because of their aggressive behavior and of their large numbers.
killer bees live mostly in
killer bees mostly live in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, the southern part of California, and in Florida mostly tn the tampa area.
by Ian McConkey
Biologist in Brazil were trying to make a bee that would make more honey in tropical environments, but some of the bees escaped and established colonies.
why i picked killer bees as a project, well I was waching animal planet, and this documentary came on about killer bees. I thought that it was interesting, and it be came a MLP.
my favorite part was a
Why did you pick killer bees as a project? i was waching animal planet and this documentary came on about killer bees. i thought interesting and it became a project.
what was your favorite part? all of it. i had a lot of fun making it and i learned alot (and i hope you did to).
killer bees are taking nutrients out of the rain forests making it harder for animals like butterfly's, birds, bats and other bees to survive
questions any one?
what problems did killer bees cause?
Killer bees have killed many people. They are an invasive species that has no natural enemies. they have taken resources out of the rain forests in south America for, bats, butterflys, birds, and other bees.

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