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Factors that affect Classroom Participation of La Salle Univ

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Tadashi Tetsuhiko

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Factors that affect Classroom Participation of La Salle Univ

Review of Related Literature
Physiological Problems
Physiological Problems
Oldfather P., (2008) describes that the child may suffer from some ailment which has led to non-participation in class or which renders it difficult for him or her to perform certain of the motor skills associated with learning. Examples of ailments are poor sight and poor hearing.
Arends (1997) states that for a whole-class discussion to be successful it demands communication and interaction skills on the part of both teachers and students. Sampath (1998) describes that classroom interaction should be understood as a psychological factor in order to have the right perspective of its role in the development of the classroom in general.
Factors that affect Classroom Participation of La Salle University – Integrated School Grade 7 students
S.Y. 2013-2014

Statement of the Problem
1. What are factors that affect the participation of students in the classroom in terms of:
a. classroom management
b. teacher’s motivation
c. student’s physiological problems
d. teacher-student interaction?

This study aimed to identify the different factors that affect classroom participation of students. Specifically to the question

Conceptual Framework
Factors Identified:

• Classroom Management
• Teacher’s Motivation
• Student’s Physiological Problems
• Teacher-Student Interaction

Classroom Participation of the G7 Students in LSU-IS
Independent Variable
Dependent Variable
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