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Terrible Things Prezi !

No description

Cameron obrien

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Terrible Things Prezi !

The Genre of the allegorical story "Terrible Things" by Eve Bunting is a allegory. A allegory is the representation of abstract ideas, principles by character, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic or pictorial form
The Symbols for Terrible Things are the shadows that take the animals and the animals that are taken. The shadows that take the animals represent the nazis who took all the unwanted people! The animals symbolize the Jews, Gypsies and homos who were taken unwillingly.
The theme of Terrible Things is to Stand up and try to be heard. When people started getting taken , Little Rabbit tried to tell the others it would be a good idea to leave while they could! But because no one would listen to him everyone got captured!
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